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2006, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015
Bellaire Debate
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National Forensic
League since 1955.
Bellaire Debate
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Clear Falls HS tournament results September 23-24
Ally Sun/Julia Zheng 3rd place
Tristan Koster/Rafael Trevino 3rd place

Rafel Trevino 2nd place CX Speaker Award
Ally Sun 3rd place CX Speaker Award
Tristan Koster 4th place CX Speaker Award

Alief Elsik HS tournament results September 16-17
Alex Pantazopol  3rd place
Connie Lin  quarterfinals

Alex Pantazopol 1st place NLD Speaker Award
Connie Lin 3rd place NLD Speaker Award

HUDL tournament results September 17
Ioana Nechiti  1st place LD Speaker Award

Bellaire Novice Extavaganza results September 9-10
Lincoln Douglas
Connie Lin  2nd place
Ioana Nechiti  4th place
Alex Pantazopol 5th place
Anushka Thorat  6th place
Laura Hester  7th place
Justin Hu  10th place
Meg Kodali  11th place
Robert Hawes  12th place

CX Debate
Lucy Ding/Lucy Wu  1st place
Joy Li/Cyrus Zamora/Kate Faris  3rd place

Connie Lin 1st place LD Speaker Award
Alex Pantazopol 2nd place LD Speaker Award
Justin Hu  5th place LD Speaker Award
Laura Hester 7th place LD Speaker Award
Meg Kodali 10th place LD Speaker Award

Lucy Ding  1st place CX Speaker Award
Joy Li  3rd place CX Speaker Award
Lucy Wu  4th place CX Speaker Award
Cyrus Zamora 5th place CX Speaker Award

Clear Brook HS tournament results September 2-3
Tristan Koster/Rafael Trevino 3rd place

Foster HS tournament results August 26-27
Lincoln Douglas
Jason Kraynak octofinals

News & Stories from January 2016-June 2016
Bellaire Debate
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Evan Finley  1st place

Lincoln Douglas
Jason Kraynak  3rd place

Novice Public Forum
Olivia Faust/Sakira Kotha 1st place
Elina Chen/Jeffrey Chen octofinals

Olivia Faust 2nd place NPF Speaker Award
Sakira Kotha 3rd place NPF Speaker Award

Public Forum
Ami Nichols/Sarah Birenbaum 3rd place
Sakira Kotha/Olivia Faust/Rachel Burns 6th pl

Olivia Faust  3rd place PF Speaker Award
Sakira Kotha  5th place PF Speaker Award

House 1
Tom Joby  3rd place
Leo Qiu 5th place

House 2
Andrea Patino  5th place

House 3
Aileen Hu  2nd place
John Bunge  5th place

Public Forum
Robert Brown/Maya Waterland 1st place

Evan Finley 7th place
Rebecca Parsons 8th place

Public Forum
Robert Brown/Maya Waterland quarterfinals
Alissa Kono/Jacob Tate octofinals
Melanie Che/Ashley Clarke double octofinals