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Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
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Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Colleyville Heritage tournament results January 13-14
Henry Tsai/Alec Swafford octofinals
Joseph Lee/Aaron Ru octofinals

Katy HS tournament results January 13-14
4th place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                NCX
Kyle Bean/Elaine Hsu semifinals                        Shanna Chu/Ying Zhang 1st place
Jenny Fan/Shubha Soman quarterfinals
Yue Guan.Danila Kabotyanski quarterfinals       Shubha Soman 1st place CCX Speaker
Xinxin Feng/Kim Zhou quarterfinals
Derek Le/Fei Yang octofinals                            DX
Xinxin Wang/Evelyn Yang octofinals                  Gustavo Herrera 5th place

CLD                                                                 Student Congress
Jonathan Chang double octofinals                      Gustavo Herrera 3rd place
Ingle Li double octofinals
Kylene Wood double octofinals                         Public Forum
                                                                       Yanran Lu/Amy Lin 1st place
NLD                                                                 Jerry Chen/David Goldberg 2nd place
Michael Dotsey octofinals
Kaylor Wright octofinals                                    Michael Dotsey 2nd place NLD Speaker

Lyndon Baines Johnson HS tournament results January 13-14
Daniel Petkevich/Zachary Garber octofinals

CLD                                                                  Xi Zhang 2nd place CLD Speaker Award
Anand Habib 2nd place                                     Will Chambers 3rd place CLD Speaker
Xi Zhang semifinals           
Will Chambers quarterfinals
Yan Largman quarterfinals

Westfield HS tournament results January 6-7
CCX                                                                  NCX
Aaron Ru/ Joseph Lee quarterfinals                     Shanna Chu/Ying Zhang     \____closed out
Satish Vemuri/Chris Fan octofinals                      David Chan/Vijay Kasschau/
Yue Guan Danila Kabotyanski octofinals             Hyungjoo Han/Janie Qin quarterfinals
Elaine Hsu/Jane Zhou octofinals                           Jenny Xiao/Shelly Xie octofinals
Xinxin Wang/Evelyn Yang octofinals                    Rafee Sadeque/Tom Xia octofinals

CLD                                                                   Aaron Ru 1st place CCX Speaker Award
Kylene Wood double octofinals

Lamar Consolidated tournament results January 6-7
2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes

CLD                                                                    CCX
Anand Habib 1st Place                                         Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh 2nd place
Chris Williams semifinals                                       Christine Lu/Linda Phung quarterfinals
Charles Chen octofinals
Thomas Lei octofinals                                            DX
Umar Alam double octofinals                                 Chris Williams 3rd place
Hari Mitra double octofinals                                   Muthu Alagappan 6th place
Will Chambers double octofinals
Yan Largman double octofinals
HoBin Lim double octofinals

Chris Williams 2nd place CLD Speaker Award

University of Texas tournament results December 2-3
Alec Swafford/Henry Tsai double octofinals

Bay City tournament results December 2-3
Top Debate School
3rd place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                     NCX
Seth Romo/Ye-Kyung Song 1st place                    Shanna Chu/Vivian Wong 1st place
Chian Lin/Cheney Tsai quarterfinals                        Yang Yang Chen/Vivian Wong 2nd place
Xinxin Wang/Evelyn Yang quarterfinals

CLD                                                                      NLD
Yan Largman 1st place                                           Dennis Qian semifinals
Gustavo Herrera semifinals                                      Jeremy Yang quarterfinals
Karthik Prasad semifinals                                        Faye Wang quarterfinals
Chris Williams quarterfinals                                     Laura Tipton quarterfinals
Muthu Alagappan quarterfinals                                Henry Zhan quarterfinals
Daniel Gwen quarterfinals
Neal Bennett octofinals
Chloe Wood octofinals
Sailesh Prabhu octofinals
Charles Chen octofinals
Tina Li octofinals

Langham Creek tournament results November 18-19
David Li/ Liang Liu & Jacob Uzman/Zexing Meng closed out finals
Jane Zhou/Elaine Hsu quarterfinals
Shubha Soman/Jenny Fan quarterfinals

Scarborough tournament results November 18-19
Chris Fan/Satish Vemuri quarterfinals

Umar Alam octofinals
Jonathan Chang octofinals
Anand Habib octofinals

Pamela Nickell quarterfinals
Sylvia Sun octofinals
Ingle Li double octofinals
Hao Wang double octofinals

Klein HS Tournament Results November 11-12
Cheney Tsai/Aaron Ru semifinals

Shelly Xie/Jenny Xiao quarterfinals

Shelly Xie 3rd place NCX speaker award

Sylvia Sun  2nd place
Henry Zhan semifinals
Dennis Qian quarterfinals

Hendrickson HS Tournament Results November 11-12

Daniel Gwen semifinals
Karthik Prasad quarterfinals

Humble HS Tournament Results November 4-5

Yunlong Li/Bin Zhao quarterfinals

David Chan/Vijay Kasschau----------
Shanna Chu/Ying Zhang                   |________Closed out semifinals
Brendan Fradkin/Herbie Wei            |
Lara Brenner/Fanny Briceno----------

Karishma Dara  quarterfinals

Pamela Nickell semifinals
Laura Tipton semifinal

Bellaire Debate 4th Largest Squad in the Nation 2004-2005
Bellaire High School was recognized as being one of the nations "top 100 schools" in speech
and debate activities.  Bellaire High School ranked 4th out of 2700 schools nationwide.
This recognition, based upon student participation and excellence in speech activities, was
awarded to Mr. Jay Stubbs & Mr. Russell Rach and published nationwide in the Rostrum, the
national magazine of high school speech and on , the website of the
National Forensic League.
The League, the oldest and largest high school speech organization in America was founded in
1925 to encourage and motivate high school students to participate in and become proficient
in the forensic arts: debate, public speaking, and interpretation.
Since its founding NFL has enrolled over 1,150,640 members in all fifty states, US
possessions and several foreign countries.  Currently over 93,000 high school students and
over 2500 high school teachers are active members.
Prominent NFL Alumni:  Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Senators Richard Lugar and
William Frist, media visionary Ted Turner, Emmy Award winners Kelsey Grammer and Shelly
Long, television host Oprah Winfrey, news anchor Jane Pauley, CSPAN founder Brian Lamb,
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, University Presidents David Boren and John Sexton,
Commentator Rush Limbaugh, Federal National Mortgage CEO Franklin Delano Raines.

Needville/The Woodlands Tournament Results October 29-30

The Woodlands
Satish Vemuri/Chris Fan semifinals

Muthu Alagappan 2nd place
Chris Williams semifinals

CLD                                                                   CLD speaker awards
Umar Alam quarterfinals                                      Karthik Prasad  1st place
Sailesh Prabhu octofinals                                      Umar Alam  3rd place
Karishma Dara octofinals
Steven Maheshwary octofinals

Xinxin Feng/Kim Zhou semifinals
Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh quarterfinals

NCX                                                                   NCX speaker awards
Herbie Wei/Brendan Fradkin 1st place                  Derek Le  1st place
Derek Le/Ye-Kyung Song 2nd place                    Seth Romo  2nd place
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han semifinals                  Branden Fradkin  3rd place

Thomas Lei semifinals
Sylvia Sun quarterfinals

Debate Sweeps Champs at University of Houston
The Bellaire Debate squad saw its first action after an unprecedented three weeks of
inactivity.  Hurricane Rita was responsible for cancelling two tournaments and there are no
tournaments scheduled on the weekend of the Texas Speech Communication Association
state convention.  Despite the inactivity, Bellaire won first in debate sweepstakes and second
in overall sweeps.
Karishma Dara semifinals
Gustavo Herrera quarterfinals
Chloe Wood octofinals

Rosa Deng & Julia Wang semifinals
Satish Vemuri & Chris Fan quarterfinals
Evelyn Yang & Xinxin Wang quarterfinals
Jenny Fan & Shubha Soman quarterfinals

US Extemp
Gustavo Herrera 3rd place

Raymond Lu  2nd place
Ingle Li  semifinals
Douglas Jin quarterfinals
Michael Dotsey quarterfinals

Yang Yang Chen & Vivian Wong 2nd place
Janie Qin & Matthew Liu semifinals
Vijay Kasschau & David Chan semifinals
Nathan Leventon & Seth Romo quarterfinals
Shelly Xie & Rui Xiao quarterfinals
Jacob Uzman & Grace Sun quarterfinals
Branden Fradkin & Ye-Kyung Song quarterfinals
50th Annual Bellaire Forensic Tournament runs smoothly
Thanks to the efforts of the students and parents of the Bellaire Debate squad and 300
community volunteers the 50th annual Bellaire Forensic Tournament was enjoyed by coaches
and students from 33 high schools

Bellaire Debate earned 1st place in debate sweepstakes at Kingwood HS.  The contributions of
many made this award possible.  Hari Mitra earned 3rd place CLD speaker and Yang Yang
Chen earned 3rd place NCX speaker.

CCX                                                         CLD                               NLD
Daniel Petkevich/Zach Garber 1st Place     Hari Mitra  semifinals       Steven Maheshwary  qtrs
Chian Lin/Cheney Tsai  quarterfinals           Xi Zhang semifinals          Kaylor Wright octofinals
Chris Fan/Satish Vemuri  quarterfinals         Daniel Gwen octofinals
                                                               Gustavo Herrera octofinals

Bellaire novice CXers closed out semifinals.  Congrats to Michelle Wang/Ying Zhang; Yang
Yang Chen/Vivian Wong; Hannah Goetz/Ana Vasquez-Trejo; Derek Le/Herbie Wei; David
Chan/Branden Fradkin.


CCX                                                         CLD                                NLD
Jason Leva/Ingrid Su 1st place                   Karthik Prasad quarters    Thomas Lei  quarterfinals
                                                               Charles Chen  dbl octos    Ingle Li  octofinals
NCX                                                         Tina Li  double octos
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han  quarterfinals


Bellaire Debate did very well at the Greenhill tournament with Alec Swafford & Henry Tsai
advancing to double octofinals.  In preliminary rounds Swafford & Tsai defeated debaters from
Glenbrook South (Chicago) who won the 2005 NCFL Nationals as well as defeating
Westminster who won the 2005 Tournament of Champions.
67 schools from Arkansas,California, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas competed in the
Grapevine tournament September 9-10.  Bellaire has two of the top 8 teams in CX debate out
of 73 entries.

Alec Swafford/Henry Tsai quarterfinals
Matt Abedi/Arnav Chakravarty quarterfinals
Alessia Bhargava/Daniel Zhang narrowly missed advancing on points

CLD out of 113 entries
Chris Williams advances and loses in double octofinals
Muthu Alagappan narrowly missed advancing on points

39 schools attended the Deer Park tournament and Bellaire had a very good showing.

Joseph Lee/Aaron Ru 2nd place
Chris Fan/Satish Vemuri semifinals
Yue Guan/Jane Zhou quarterfinals
Christine Lu/Linda Phung quarterfinals

Daniel Gwen advances and loses double octofinals
Karthik Prasad advances and loses double octofinals

After eight rounds of grueling competition many Bellaire students were victorious

8-0  Grace Sun/Jacob Uzman
6-2  Fulel Haque/Tom Xia
6-2 Anna Meyerson/Fanny Briceno
6-2  Natalia Podossinikova/Seth Romo

6-2  Calvin Dotsey
6-2  Anna Fisher
6-2  Jing Jin
6-2  Raymond Lu
6-2  Steven Maheshwary
6-2  Kevin Shen
6-2  Kaylor Wright
Bellaire was dealt a rare and terrible blow for the CX teams at Eisenhower. After arriving with high hopes not a single
CX team broke. To make up for this defeat our valiant LDers and courageous Extempers stood up to the challenge:
Anand Habib  semifinals 3rd place
Chris Williams  quarterfinals 4th place
Umar Alam  quarterfinals 4th place
Steven Maheshwary finals 2nd Place
US Extemp
Chris Williams finals 5th place
Gustavo Herrera  semifinals
Foreign Extemp
Dmitry Shaporov semifinals
Special congratulations go to Yan Largman and Anand Habib  who earned 1st and 3rd place speaker awards in CLD, and
Steven Maheshwary who earned 2nd place speaker award in NLD.

Occuring at the same weekend as Eisenhower, the results here were very cheerful. The CX teams closed out at finals
qualifying to teams to TFA state. Congrats to Henry Tsai/Alec Swafford and Alessia Bhargava/Daniel Zhang on a job
well done. I also would like to honor Aaron Ru/Joseph Lee and Liang Liu/David Li for their sacrifice to allow other
Bellaire teams to advance.Both LD and CX showed Bellaire proud:
Aaron Ru /Joseph Lee octofinals, concede to Bellaire in quarters
Matt Abedi/Arnav Chakravarty quarterfinals
Liang Liu/David Li octofinals, concede to Bellaire in quarters
Henry Tsai/Alec Swafford finals, undefeated co-champions
Angela Zhu/ Jenny Fan quarterfinals
Alessia Bhargava/ Daniel Zhang finals, undefeated co-champions
Kylene Wood double octofinals
Anna Meyerson / Fannie Briceno quarterfinals
Matthew Liu / Derek Le quarterfinals
Max Curry / Natnaell Mammo quarterfinals
So begins the year of success for the Bellaire teams. At the first tournament of the year at Alief Elsik, Aug 19-20, four
teams broke in CCX, one in CLD and one in NLD. The final standings were as follows:
Alec Swafford & Henry Tsai  Semifinals 3rd place
Kyle Bean & Willow Wood Semifinals 3rd place
Zachary Garber & Daniel Petkevich quarterfinals 4th place
David Li & Liang Liu quarterfinals 4th place
Muthu Alagappan Semifinals 3rd place
Steven Mahashwary Semifinals 3rd place

Special congratulations go to Muthu Alagappan who earned 1st place speaker award in CLD, and Henry Tsai and Alec
Swafford who earned 2nd and 3rd speaker awards in CCX.
Nine students represented Bellaire Debate at the 2005 NFL National Debate tournament in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The opening ceremonies were held at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium (home of the Philadelphia Eagles).  Most of the
preliminary rounds were held in high schools in nearby Delaware.
Alessia Bhargava & Naeem Husain went 12-0 in preliminary rounds of CX debate and advanced to round 9; Jonathan
Earl & Alec Swafford went 10-2 in preliminary rounds of CX debate and advanced to round 8.   Muthu Alagappan went
8-4 in preliminary rounds of Lincoln Douglas debate and lost a run off round on a split decision which would have
allowed him to advance. Chian Lin and Hari Mitra represented Bellaire Debate in Public Forum debate.   Special
congratulations go to Alessia Bhargava who earned a trophy for 12th place speaker in CX debate.

Bellaire debate sent three cross examination debate teams to the National Catholic Forensic League Grand National
Tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 28-29.   All three teams were very successful.
Alessia Bhargava and Daniel Zhang went 5-0 during prelim rounds to earn the 4th seed.   Alec Swafford and Henry Tsai
were 4-1 and also advanced to elimination rounds.   Aaron Ru and Willow Wood were 3-2 and narrowly missed
Swafford and Tsai lost their double octofinal round while Bhargava and Zhang won theirs.   Alessia and Daniel were the
top seed remaining in the tournament entering octofinals.   They faced Loyola Blakefield HS from Baltimore in octofinals
and lost.   Congratulations to all three teams.

The following students were elected to office for 2005-2006:

President                                                                Henry Tsai
Vice President                                                   Alec Swafford
Secretary                                                            Willow Wood
Treasurer                                                                Hari Mitra
Publicity Director                                        Dmitry Shaporov
Press Release                                                         Joseph Lee
Social Coordinator                                           Will Chambers
Historian                                                                 Jenny Fan
CX Research Captains          Matt Abedi & Alessia Bhargava
CX Novice Captains                          Jason Leva &Aaron Ru
LD Captains                                Chris Williams & Xi Zhang