Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
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Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.

                                    Bellaire Advances
                                      at UIL CX State
Bellaire Debate sent two CX teams to the 96th annual University Interscholastic League (UIL)
State Tournament held on the University of Texas campus March 17-18.  David Li and Liang
Liu represented Bellaire as well as Kyle Bean and Jason Leva.  Both teams had records of 3
wins and 1 loss in the preliminary rounds.  David and Liang narrowly missed advancing based
on speaker points.  Kyle Bean earned the gold gavel award as the top speaker in class 5A.  
Bean and Leva advanced to octofinals and lost to Hightower High School on a 2-1 decision.


3rd Place in CX Debate
              at TFA State
Bellaire Debate competed successfully
at the TFA State tournament  March 2-
4  at Pharr  San Juan Alamo High
School.  53 students made the 6 hour
trip to State. As a squad Bellaire
earned 33 TFA State qualifications
which was  good  for  5th  most  in  
the  state. Amongst those qualifications
Bellaire  set  a  new  record  with  18  
CX teams qualified  for State.   
Additionally Bellaire qualified 11
Lincoln Douglas debaters which was
also the highest number of any school in the state.  After five preliminary rounds Bellaire
advanced two CX teams to elimination rounds. Alessia Bhargava and Daniel Zhang advanced
but lost their double octofinals round on a  split  decision.   Henry Tsai and Alec Swafford
earned third place in CX debate.  After  going  5-0  in  prelim rounds, Tsai & Swafford won
their double octofinal and octofinal rounds.  Their next opponent  was  Greenhill School.  Henry
& Alec's 3-0 victory over Greenhill was the talk of the tournament.  They  did  not  have  long  
to  savor  the  victory before losing semifinals on a split decision.  Alessia Bhargava earned 6th
overall speaker in CX debate.  Others advancing to elimination rounds include Chris Williams to
                                             quarterfinals of Domestic Extemp, Muthu Alagappan to
                                             semifinals of Domestic Extemp and Yan Largman to  triple
                                             octofinals  of  Lincoln  Douglas debate.  The 2005 TFA State
                                             Champion in  the  Student Congress Senate chamber
                                             advanced to the final round again in 2006 but fell short of
                                             repeating as State Champion.  The  future  looks  bright  for
                                             Bellaire Debate.    A  number  of   students  who participated
                                             in the 2006 TFA State tournament will be back next  year and
                                             have the  opportunity  to  add  to  their  performance  at  this
                                             year's State tournament.

CX Debaters advance to FINAL FOUR of NPPF

For the second consecutive year Bellaire Debaters have advanced to the "Final Four" of the
2006 National Public Policy Forum (NPPF).  Russell Rach coached Yue Guan, David Li,
Elaine Hsu, Liang Liu, Daniel Petkevich, and Jason Leva who defeated Rufus King International
Baccalaureate High School from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The other three schools joining
Bellaire in the Final Four are Maize High School from Maize, Kansas; Plano Senior High from
Plano, Texas; and Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School for the Arts from West Palm Beach,

The National Public Policy Forum is the only national contest that gives high school students
across the nation the opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues of public
policy.  The school advanced to the elimination round after it submitted a qualifying round essay
that was judged to be one of the best in the nation.  Bellaire defeated Leland High School from
California in quarterfinals en route to being the only school from the 2005 NPPF to return to the
Final Four in 2006.

The topic for the NPPF is "Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially
limit its ability to detain individuals without charge."  As one of the Final Four schools, Bellaire
students will now receive an all expense paid trip to New York City to participate in the finals at
New York University April 21-23, 2006.  Finalists are honored during a special banquet and
awards ceremony, and their schools will receive cash prizes up to $5,000.  The NPPF was
founded by the Bickel & Brewer Foundation in 2001 and is now jointly administered New York
University.  Further information on the competition can be found at debate

Bellaire completes successful regular season

The regular season is now over and Bellaire Debate has qualified more debate entries to the
Texas Forensic Association (TFA) State Tournament than any other school in Texas.  Our entry
for the 2006 TFA State tournament includes 18 CX debate teams, 11 LD entries, 3 US
Extempers and 1 Student Congress.  TFA State will be held at San Juan Pharr Alamo HS
March 2-4, 2006.  The following students qualified for TFA State:
CCX                                                            CLD
Matt Abedi/Arnav Chakravarty                     Muthu Alagappan
Kyle Bean/Elaine Hsu                                    Umar Alam
Alessia Bhargava/Daniel Zhang                      Karishma Dara
Chris Fan/Satish Vemuri                                Daniel Gwen
Jenny Fan/ Shubha Soman                             Anand Habib
Xinxin Feng/Kim Zhou                                   Raghu Hariharan
Andrew Garbarino/Nicholas Garbarino          Gustavo Herrera
Zachary Garber/Daniel Petkevich                   Yan Largman
Yue Guan/Danila Kabotyanski                       Karthik Prasad
Joseph Lee/Aaron Ru                                    Chris Williams
Jason Leva/Ingrid Su                                      Xi Zhang
David Li/ Liang Liu
Chian Lin/Cheney Tsai                                    USX
Zexing Meng/Jacob Uzman                             Muthu Alagappan
Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh                               Gustavo Herrera
Seth Romo/Ye-Kyung Song                            Chris Williams
Alec Swafford/Henry Tsai
Xinxin Wang/Evelyn Zhang                              Student Congress
                                                                     Gustavo Herrera

Lamar HS tournament results February 10-11
1st Place Overall Sweepstakes
CCX                                                                 CCX Speaker Awards
Andrew Garbarino/Nick Garbarino 1st place      Kyle Bean 1st place
Kyle Bean/Elaine Hsu 2nd place                         Kristy Hong 2nd place
Matt Abedi/Arnav Chakravarty semifinals           Xinxin Wang 3rd place
Kristy Hong/William Hong quarterfinals               Andrew Garbarino 4th place
Xinxin Feng/Kim Zhou quarterfinals                     Vijay Kasschau 5th place
Daniel Hyman/Adam Kaiser octofinals                 Daniel Hyman 6th place
Vijay Kasschau/David Chan octofinals                 Kim Zhou 7th place
                                                                         Nick Garbarino 8th place
                                                                         Arnav Chakravarty 9th place

CLD                                                                    CLD Speaker Awards
Raghu Hariharan 2nd place                                   Umar Alam 1st place
Steven Maheshwary semifinals                              Raghu Hariharan 3rd place
Jonathan Chang semifinals
Umar Alam quarterfinals
Thomas Lei quarterfinals
Sailesh Prabhu octofinals

Dulles HS tournament results February 10-11
Alec Swafford/Henry Tsai quarterfinals

Katy Taylor HS tournament results February 3-4
3rd place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                     NCX
Yue Guan/Danila Kabotyanski  1st Place                Fanny Briceno/Ying Zhang semifinals
Chris Fan/ Satish Vemuri  2nd place                       Michelle Wang/Yi Zhang  semifinals
Xinxin Wang/Evelyn Yang  quarterfinals                  Akia Pichon/Ana Vasquez-Trejo quarters

CLD                                                                      NLD
Will Chambers  octofinals                                       Hao Wang octofinals
                                                                            Jennifer Choi double octofinals
                                                                            Patrick Lu double octofinals
                                                                            Jeremy Yang double octofinals
                                                                            Yixin Xia double octofinals
                                                                            Kaili Zhang double octofinals

Alief Taylor HS tournament results January 27-28
3rd place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                      NCX
Jenny Fan/Shubha Soman  2nd place                      Shanna Chu/Ying Zhang  2nd place
Chian Lin/Cheney Tsai  semifinals                           Fulel Haque/Ana Vasquez-Trejo  quarters
Zexing Meng/Jacob Uzman  semifinals
Vijay Kasschau/David Chan  quarterfinals

CLD                                                                       NLD
Anand Habib octofinals                                           Hao Wang octofinals
Jonathan Chang double octofinals

DX                                                                         Student Congress
Gustavo Herrera  1st Place                                      Gustavo Herrera  4th place

Anand Habib 1st place CLD speaker award

Kempner HS tournament results January 20-21
CCX                                                                       NCX
Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh quarterfinals                    Leena Warsi/Rachel Lewis 2nd place

CLD                                                                        NLD
Neal Bennett octofinals                                             Michael Dotsey quarterfinals
Raghu Hariharan octofinals                                       Ashley Tsai quarterfinals
Umar Alam double octofinals                                    Kaylor Wright quarterfinals
Jonathan Chang double octofinals                             Andrew Huynh octofinals
Michael Gottesman double octofinals                        Dennis Qian octofinals
                                                                              Kaili Zhang octofinals
Public Forum                                                            Douglas Jin double octofinals
Amy Lin/Yanran Lu semifinals

Aldine HS tournament results January 20-21
CCX                                                                        CLD
Matthew Liu/Chloe Wood quarterfinals                     Matthew Hodge octofinals
Andrew Garbarino/Nick Garbarino quarterfinals
Chian Lin/Cheney Tsai quarterfinals
Brendan Fradkin/Herbie Wei octofinals

National Academic Recognition & Perfect Test Scores for Bellaire
Eight members of the Bellaire Debate squad earned National Merit Scholar semifinalist
recognition this year.  Kyle Bean, Alessia Bhargava, Yue Guan, Gary Hu, Joseph Lee, Henry
Tsai, Chris Williams  and Kylene Wood received the honor.  Additionally, Kyle Bean and
Kylene Wood scored perfect scores on their PSAT, the test that determines National Merit
Scholar semifinalists. Kylene also had a perfect score on her ACT.
 Click here to read the
Houston Chronicle story about Kylene's ACT score.