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Pasadena Memorial HS tournament results November 3-4
Champ CX                                                    Champ LD
Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh semifinals                Muthu Alagappan 2nd place     
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han quarterfinals          Sylvia Sun quarterfinals       
                                                                 Kaylor Wright octofinals           
Novice CX                                                     Zachary Herrera octofinals         
Tom Zhang/Joseph Ong 2nd place
Qi Fu/Millie Chen semifinals                            Novice LD                 
Yousup Lee/Billy Hu quarterfinals                    Shireen Smalley 1st place        
Celina Aldape/Ngozi Lawanson quarterfinals     Rohini Sigireddi 1st place          
                                                                James Harrison 1st place
US Extemp                                                   Josh Rozner 1st place
Muthu Alagappan 1st place                             Jun Chen octofinals
                                                                 Tanya Chen octofinals
Novice Extemp                                              Dennis Wu octofinals
Yuanzhou Wang 4th place                               Laurence Nguyen octofinals        

Student Congress                                           CLD Speaker Awards         
Grace Sun 4th place                                       Muthu Alagappan 2nd place
                                                                 Sylvia Sun 3rd place
NCX Speaker Awards
Tom Zhang 1st place                                      NLD Speaker Awards        
Joseph Ong 2nd place                                    Jun Chen 1st place         
Celina Aldape 3rd place                     
51st Annual Bellaire Forensic Tournament
We would like to thank the 40 schools that participated in the 51st annual Bellaire Forensic
Tournament October 27-28 as well as the hundreds of alumni, professionals and community
members that volunteered to judge.  Thanks to  the generosity of our judges and parents our
tournament was a success.  Hightower High School won the Harlan G. Andrews Overall
Sweepstakes award as well as the David Johnson Debate Sweepstakes award.  Hightower won
overall sweepstakes at the 50th annual BFT.

Stratford HS tournament results October 27-28
Champ CX                                                     Champ LD
Matthew Liu/Jacob Uzman 1st place                 Sesenu Woldemariam 2nd place      
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han quarterfinals           Matt Hodge semifinals       

The Woodlands HS tournament results October 20-21
1st Place Debate Sweepstakes
2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes
Champ CX                                                      Champ LD                       Student Congress
Zachary Garber/Daniel Petkevich 2nd Place        HoBin Lim semifinals        Grace Sun  3rd place   
Matthew Liu/Jacob Uzman semifinals                Jennifer Choi octofinals      
Zexing Meng/Yi Zhang semifinals                      Steven Maheshwary octos Domestic Extemp
Nick Garbarino/Andrew Garbarino quarters        Karthik Prasad octofinals   Jacob Uzman 4th       
Xinxin Wang/Brendan Fradkin quarterfinals        Sylvia Sun octofinals       
Novice CX                                                      Novice LD                       Rachel Freeman 3rd   
Jacob Aronowitz/Jimmy Moon 1st place            Sesenu Woldemariam 1st place    
Scott Lin/Thomas Zhang 1st place                     Rohini Sigireddi 1st place             
Ruobing He/Qi Fu quarterfinals                         Shireen Smalley octofinals      
Judy Sun/Ruyi Yao quarterfinals                        James Harrison octofinals

NCX Speaker Awards                                     NLD Speaker Awards        
Qi Fu  2nd place                                              Sesenu Woldemariam 1st place  
Scott Lin 3rd place                                           Rohini Sigireddi 2nd place  

University of Houston tournament results October 13-14
1st Place Debate Sweepstakes
Champ CX                                                      Champ LD
Arnav Chakravarty/Aaron Ru 1st Place               Daniel Gwen octofinals
David Chan/Vijay Kasschau 2nd Place
Yi Zhang/Yiung Zhang quarterfinals                   Novice LD
                                                                   Sesenu Woldemariam 1st place
Novice CX                                                      Louise Lu octofinals
Mengwei Ni/Sharon Sun semifinals                   Tony Deng octofinals
David Wang/Henry Lu quarterfinals                   Rohini Sigireddi octofinals
Celina Aldape/Ngozi Lawanson quarterfinals
Ruobing He/Luyang Zheng quarterfinals             Novice LD Speaker Awards            
                                                                   Sesenu Woldemariam 1st place            
Novice CX Speaker Awards
Luyang Zheng 1st place                                    Domestic Extemp        
Mengwei Ni 2nd place                                      Gustavo Herrera        
Sharon Sun 3rd place               

Ross Sterling HS tournament results September 29-30
1st Place Debate Sweepstakes
Champ CX                                                      Champ LD
Kate Bleakley/Anna Fisher semifinals                  Thomas Lei  2nd place
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han quarterfinals            Karthik Prasad quarterfinals
Zexing Meng/Yi Zhang quarterfinals
Scott Lin/Michael Feng quarterfinals                  Novice LD
Novice CX                                                      Zachary Herrera 1st place
Tong Li/Rui Yao 2nd place                                Aryam Andom semifinals
Millie Chen/Qi Fu semifinals                              Tony Deng octofinals
Alex Hu/Yuanzhou Wang quarterfinals                Jenny Kim octofinals
Tom Zhang/Yousup Lee quarterfinals                 Romy Megahed octofinals
                                                                    Shireen Smalley octofinals

Domestic Extemp                                             Public Forum Debate
Gustavo Herrera 3rd place                                 Justin Sun/Sylvia Sun quarterfinals

Memorial HS tournament results September 29-30
Champ LD
Muthu Alagappan quarterfinals

Bellaire Novice Extravaganza results September 22-23
LD                                                                   CX
Janie Qin  8-0                                                    Georgia McLendon/Michael Feng  8-0
Sesenu Woldemariam  7-1                                   Terrence Liu/Andrew Yang  7-1
Josh Rozner  7-1                                                Henry Lu/David Wang  7-1
Zachary Herrera 6-2                                           Scott Lin/Isabella Chen  7-1
Erik Nelson 6-2                                                  Wilma Qiu/Chelsea Zhang  7-1
Jun Chen 6-2                                                     Tong Li/Kate Bleakley  6-2
Ruiji Jiang  6-2                                                   Shelby Gasson/Michelle Atkins  6-2
Dennis Wu  6-2                                                  Judy Sun/Jimmy Moon  6-2
James Harrison 6-2

Elkins HS tournament results September 15-16
Xinxin Wang/Branden Fradkin  quarterfinals Cross Examination debate
Renuka Rege/Saloni Singh quarterfinals Cross Examination debate

Karthik Prasad octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Sailesh Prabhu octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate

Scott Lin/Isabella Chen  2nd place novice CX debate
Michelle Fernandez/Thomas Zhang 3rd place novice CX debate
Michelle Atkins/Kate Bleakley quarterfinals novice CX debate
Michael Feng/Georgia McLendon quarterfinals novice CX debate

Deer Park HS tournament results September 8-9
Anand Habib quarterfinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Pamela Nickell octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Umar Alam octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Austin Grogin octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate

Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han quarterfinals Cross Examination debate
Xinxin Feng/Kim Zhou quarterfinals Cross Examination debate

Celina Aldape/Ngozi Lawanson semifinals novice CX debate
Wilma Qiu/Chelsea Zhang semifinals novice CX debate
Henry Lu/David Wang semifinals novice CX debate
Anna Fisher/Angela Zhu semifinals novice CX debate

Vijay Kasschau 1st place speaker CX debate
Xinxin Wang 2nd place speaker CX debate
Michelle Atkins 1st place speaker novice CX debate
Michael Feng 2nd place speaker novice CX debate

Katy Taylor HS tournament results September 8-9
David Chan/Vijay Kasschau quarterfinals Cross Examination debate
Zach Garber/Daniel Petkevich quarterfinals Cross Examination debate

Charles Chen double octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Kevin Shen double octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate

Michael Feng/Georgia McLendon 1st place novice CX debate
Mengwei Ni/Sharon Sun 2nd place novice CX debate
Terrence Liu/Andrew Yang 3rd place novice CX debate

Foster HS tournament results August 25-26
Arnav Chakravarty/Aaron Ru 2nd place Cross Examination Debate
Chris Fan/Satish Vemuri semifinals Cross Examination Debate
Danila Kabotyanski/Daniel Petkevich quarterfinals Cross Examination Debate
Xinxin Wang/Brendan Fradkin quarterfinals Cross Examination Debate

Charles Chen octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Daniel Gwen octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Thomas Lei double octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate
Karthik Prasad double octofinals Lincoln Douglas debate

Daniel Gwen 2nd place speaker Lincoln Douglas Debate

                Congratulations to Bellaire Winners at Alief Elsik's

 Chris Fan and Satish Vemuri - 2nd Place in Championship Cross-Examination Debate
               Alicia Lau and Shirley Li - 2nd Place in Novice Cross-Examination
            Muthu Alagappan - 3rd Place in Championship Lincoln-Douglas Debate

        Muthu Alagappan 1st place Speaker Award in Champ Lincoln Douglas Debate
         Alicia Lau - First Place Speaker Award in Novice Cross-Examination Debate
        Shirley Li - Second Place Speaker Award in Novice Cross-Examination Debate

Bellaire Debaters Win at NFL Nationals

Bellaire High School participated in the 76th annual Lincoln Financial Group National Forensic League
National Speech and Debate tournament June 19-23, 2006 in Dallas.  Bellaire qualified 11 students to
the national tournament and in so doing won the South Texas NFL District Sweepstakes plaque for
the 36th time in 43 years.
Seniors Alec Swafford and Henry Tsai won 6th place in policy debate.  Alec & Henry were 12-0 in
the preliminary rounds (one of only 5 teams in the field of over 200 to do so).  Senior Matt Abedi and
junior Arnav Chakravarty earned 15th place in policy debate.  These two teams under the coaching of
Russell Rach were responsible for Bellaire High School earning an Excellence in Debate award at the
National Tournament.  Bellaire was one of only five schools in the nation to earn this award at the
tournament (the others include Springfield Central HS, MO; Nova High School, FL; Springfield
Parkview HS, MO; and Southwest Lincoln HS, NE.)  This is also the first time since 1993 that two
Bellaire policy debate teams have finished in the top 15.  In 1993 Danny David & Benjamin Greenberg
earned 8th place and Leslie Meltzer & Guy Goldberg earned 10th place at the Nationals held in
Indianapolis, Indiana.
Senior Chris Williams advanced to round 8 of United States Extemporaneous Speaking.  Other Bellaire
debaters participating at nationals included sophomore Zach Garber in International Extemp, juniors
Aaron Ru & Danila Kabotyanski in Public Forum Debate, seniors Kyle Bean & Jason Leva in policy
debate, and freshman Grace Sun in Student Congress.
Jay Stubbs was awarded the 2006 James M. Copeland Award as NFL Coach of the Year.  Previous
winners of this award from Bellaire High School include Mollie Martin and Cecil Pickett (1958 &
1959), June Smith (1968), June Smith and Bill Henderson (1970), and David Johnson (1984 & 2002).
The season began with our celebration of the 50th annual Bellaire Forensic Tournament.  After setting
TFA records in the number of CX state qualifiers (18) and LD state qualifiers (11), a 3rd place finish
in the Bickell Brewer competition (for the second consecutive year), advancing teams at TFA State,
UIL State, NCFL Nationals and NFL Nationals, and finishing the year with the largest squad in NFL
history with 854 degrees we believe the 50th season of debate competition at Bellaire High School has
been a success.


                    The following students were elected to office for 2006-2007:

                  President                                                     Arnav Chakravarty
                  Vice President                                               Muthu Alagappan
                  Secretary                                                             Christine Lu
                  Treasurer                                                          Karthik Prasad
                  Publicity Director                                                  
                  Press Release                                                    
                  Social Coordinator                                            Anna Meyerson
                  Historian                                                         Gustavo Herrera
                  CX Research Captains                                            Zach Garber
                                                                                        Daniel Petkevich
                                                                                            Satish Vemuri
                  CX Novice Captains                                                Shanna Chu
                                                                                                  Chris Fan
                                                                                                  Jenny Fan
                  LD Captains                                                     Muthu Alagappan
                                                                                                 Umar Alam
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.