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Bellaire Debaters successful at NFL Nationals
The National Forensic League hosted the National Speech & Debate Tournament June 18-22, 2007
in Wichita, Kansas.  Bellaire Debaters were quite successful during the tournament.  Muthu
Alagappan, junior, advanced to round 10 of United States Extemp and Sesenu Woldemariam,
freshman,advanced to finals of Student Congress.  Woldemariam missed out on the final ballot by
just one point.
Mr. Russell Rach was presented his 2nd Diamond Award for coaching and Mr. Jay Stubbs received
his 4th Diamond Award.  
Pictures from the tournament can be seen by clicking on this link.
Tournament season resumes in September with next year's NFL Nationals being hosted in Las Vegas
Nevada in June 2007.

Bellaire Debate co-hosts NCFL Nationals
On Memorial Day weekend over 4,500 students,
coaches and judges came to Houston to parti-
cipate in the 56th annual NCFL Grand National
Speech & Debate tournament.  Bellaire High
School hosted Cross Examination Debate,Oral
Interpretation of Literature, and Oral Decla-
mation.  Lamar High School,Pin Oak Middle
School, and Pershing Middle School hosted the
other events offered in the tournament.  Thanks
goes out to our students and parents who played
very important roles in making the tournament successful.  Additional thanks go out to members of
administration, plant operations and area debate coaches for their signficant contributions.  NCFL is
one of two national speech & debate tournaments to be hosted each year.  This is the first time ever
for HISD schools to host one of the national tournaments.  Next year the NCFL Grand National
Tournament will be hosted in Appleton, Wisconsin.

2007-2008 Bellaire Debate Officers
                    Satish Vemuri                                      President
                    Xinxin Wang                                       Vice President
                    Hyungjoo Han                                      Secretary
                    Steven Maheshwary                             Treasurer
                    Sailesh Prabhu                                     Publicity Director
                    Zexing Meng                                        Press Release
                    Seth Romo                                          Social Coordinator
                    Qianning Zhang                                    Historian
                    Jenny Fan & Jacob Uzman                    CX Research Captains
                    Andrew Garbarino & Shubha Soman      CX Novice Captains
                    Muthu Alagappan & Karthik Prasad        Lincoln Douglas Captains

Bellaire advances to NFL Nationals
                                                                 Four members of the Bellaire Debate squad advanced
                                                                 to the Lincoln Life National Forensic League National
                                                                 Speech and Debate tournament.  Satish Vemuri and
                                                                 Xinxin Wang qualified in cross examination debate,
                                                                 Muthu Alagappan qualified in United States extemp
                                                                 and Sesenu Woldemariam qualified in Student
                                                                 Congress.  The tournament will be held in Wichita,
                                                                 Kansas in June.

Bellaire finishes second in nation in NPPF
Juniors Chris Fan, Jenny Fan, Satish Vemuri and sophomore Shanna Chu competed in the final
round of the National Public Policy Forum in New York City.  Bellaire defeated Henry Clay HS from
Lexington, Kentucky in the semifinal round.  The win in semifinals advanced the team to the final
round against the defending champion Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts from West Palm
Beach, Florida.
The law firm of Bickel & Brewer and New York University announced a 4-3 decision in the final
round in favor of Dreyfoos.  The NPPF is the only national contest that gives high school students
the opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues of public policy.  Schools compete
in written debates over a six month period before the final four schools emerge to compete in an oral
debate competition at NYU.  This is the third consecutive year Bellaire has advanced to the final four
at NYU and the first year the team has advanced to the final round.  The two schools debated the
following topic in the final round Resolved:  The United States federal government should establish a
policy substantially increasing the number of persons serving in one of the following national service
programs: Peace Corps or Armed Forces.  To view the articles from HISD and the  Houston
Chronicle click the links.

2 Advance to UIL State
Karthik Prasad and Muthu Alagappan advanced from the regional
competition held at Alief Taylor High School to attend the Univer-
sity Interscholastic League State Tournament.  Karthik advanced
in Lincoln Douglas Debate and Muthu advanced in Perseausive
Speaking.  The state tournament will be held on the campus of
the University of Texas.

97th Annual UIL CX State Tournament Results
                                                 The University Interscholastic League (UIL) held its 97th annual
                                                 CX State Debate Tournament on the campus of the University
                                                 of Texas March 16-17.  Shubha Soman & Jenny Fan (pictured
                                                 left) had a record of 4-0 in the preliminary rounds of the
                                                 tournament and advanced to the octofinal round.  This was
                                                 Soman & Fan's first trip to the UIL State tournament.


Bellaire Advances to Bickel Brewer Final Four
                                       Satish Vemuri, Chris Fan, Jenny Fan, Shubha Soman and Shanna Chu
                                       successfully defeated Kamehameha High School from Hawaii in the
                                       quarterfinal round.  This is the third consecutive year that Bellaire has
                                       advanced to the Final Four.  Henry Clay High School from Kentucky,
                                       Glenbrook North High School from Illinois and last years defending
                                       champion Alexander W. Dreyfoos High School from Florida will join
                                       Bellaire in the Final Four April 20-22 at New York University in New
                                       York City.   

TFA State Tournament results March 1-3
CCX                                                           CCX Speaker Awards
Arnav Chakravarty/Xinxin Wang octofinals     Arnav Chakravarty 11th place    
                                                               Xinxin Wang 18th place

CLD                                                           CLD Speaker Awards     
Karthik Prasad double octofinals                    Karthik Prasad 19th place  
Thomas Lei double octofinals

Student Congress
Grace Sun semifinals House
Essay Eden semifinals Senate               

Lamar HS tournament results February 9-10
CCX                                                                     CLD
Muthu Alagappan/Vijay Kasschau 1st place                Kevin Shen 1st place      
Brendan Fradkin/Scott Lin 2nd place                         Matt Hodge double octos
                                                                          James Harrison double octos
                                                                          HoBin Lim double octos
                                                                          Jun Chen double octos                

Anderson HS tournament results February 2-3
Karthik Prasad quarterfinals

Alief Taylor HS tournament results February 2-3
CCX                                                                            CLD
Brendan Fradkin/Scott Lin quarterfinals                           Rohini Sigireddi double octos
                                                                                Charles Chen double octos          

Eisenhower HS tournament results January 26-27
2nd place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                            CLD
Andrew Garbarino/Nick Garbarino 2nd Place                   Matthew Hodge quarterfinals      
David Chan/Vijay Kasschau semifinals                             Louise Lu octofinals       
Zexing Meng/Yi Zhang quarterfinals                                Dennis Qian octofinals         
Michael Feng/Tom Zhang octofinals                                Sesesnu Woldemariam octofinals      
Ruyi Yao/Judy Sun octofinals
                                                                               Aryam Andom semifinals
                                                                               Laurence Nguyen octofinals
                                                                               Hui Yu octofinals
                                                                               Tanya Chen octofinals

Bickel Brewer team advances to national quarterfinals
Bellaire debaters defeated students from Maize High School (Kansas) in the sweet 16 round of the
Bickel & Brewer National Public Policy Forum contest.  The sweet 16 round involved Bellaire on the
affirmative and Maize on the negative exchanging papers several times before judges rendered their
decision.  On a 3-0 decision Bellaire advances to the quarterfinals where they will face Kamehameha
High School from Hawaii.  The winner of the quarterfinal round will earn a trip to New York City in
April to compete for the Bickel & Brewer Cup.  For more information concerning the contest you
can visit the Bickel & Brewer National Public Policy Forum website.  Congratulations.

Aldine HS tournament results January 19-20
CCX                                                                             CLD
Brendan Fradkin/Scott Lin quarterfinals                            Dennis Qian 2nd place   
Liang Gu/Kai Zhang quarterfinals                                     Sylvia Sun semifinals
                                                                                 Rohini Sigireddi octofinals
                                                                                 Tony Deng octofinals                   

Katy HS tournament results January 12-13
CCX                                                                             CLD
Jenny Fan.Shubha Soman 2nd place                                 Josh Rozner double octofinals
Danila Kabotyanski/Chian Lin semifinals                            Austin Grogin double octofinals     
Shanna Chu/Kim Zhou semifinals                                     Matt Hodge double octofinals       
Arnav Chakravarty/Xinxin Wang quarterfinals                    Sesenu Woldemariam double octofinals

                                                                                 Louise Lu quarterfinals
                                                                                 Ashley Duan octofinals

Westfield HS tournament results January 5-6
4th place overall sweepstakes
CCX                                                                             CLD
Jenny Fan/Shubha Soman octofinals                                 Thomas Lei quarterfinals   
Xinxin Wang/Shanna Chu octofinals                                 Sesenu Woldemariam quarterfinals       
                                                                                 Kaylor Wright octofinals          
NCX                                                                             Austin Grogin double octofinals       
Yousup Lee/Billy Hu quarterfinals                                     Karthik Prasad double octofinals      
Kai Zhang/Liang Gu quarterfinals                                      Steven Maheshwary double octofinals

Celina Aldape 6th place US Extemp                                   NLD
Annie Kuntz 4th place Poetry                                            Louise Lu 1st place
                                                                                  Ruiji Jiang quarterfinals              

Clear Lake HS tournament results December 8-9
CCX                                                                             NLD
Danila Kabotyanski/Chian Lin quarterfinals                        Tony Deng octofinals     
Scott Lin/Zexing Meng quarterfinals

Yuanzhuo Wang/Luyang Zheng 3rd place
Xiaoyu Wang/David Codron 3rd place

CCX Speaker Awards
Danila Kabotyanski 3rd place

Bay City HS tournament results December 1-2
CCX                                                                             CLD
Danila Kabotyanski/Chian Lin quarterfinals                        James Harrison 2nd place     
                                                                                 Sesenu Woldemariam 3rd place             
Yousup Lee/Billy Hu 3rd place                                         NLD
                                                                                Tanya Chen 3rd place
                                                                                Javier Vazquez-Trejo quarterfinals
                                                                                Jenny Kim quarterfinals
                                                                                Louise Lu quarterfinals    
                                                                                Patrick Lu octofinals
                                                                                Yixin Xia octofinals
                                                                                Ashley Duan octofinals
                                                                                Ruiji Jiang octofinals                 

Scarborough HS tournament results November 17-18
1st place Debate Sweepstakes
CCX                                                                            CLD
William Hong/Christine Lu 3rd place                                Muthu Alagappan 3rd place       
Essay Eden/Herbie Wei 3rd place                                    Thomas Lei quarterfinals      
Max Curry/Kevin Sego quarterfinals                                Dennis Qian octofinals       
Jenny Fan/Shubha Soman quarterfinals                            HoBin Lim octofinals         
                                                                                Steven Maheshwary octofinals            
NCX                                                                            Sesenu Woldemariam double octos       
Michelle Atkins/Kate Bleakley closed out finals                  Josh Rozner double octofinals       
Ruobing He/Sharon Sun closed out finals                         Sailesh Prabhu double octofinals         
Jimmy Moon/Tom Zhang closed out finals                       Wen Zhang double octofinals                 
Judy Sun/Ruyi Yao closed out finals                                Austin Grogin double octofinals           
Tong Li/Luyang Zheng closed out finals
Millie Chen/Qi Fu closed out finals                                   NLD            
Liang Gu/Kai Zheng closed out finals                                Ruiji Jiang 2nd place            
Henry Han/Joshua Chang closed out finals                         Jenny Kim 3rd place        
                                                                                  Janie Qin quarterfinals
CCX Speaker Awards                                                      Louise Lu double octofinals
Vijay Kasschau 2nd place
                                                                                  CLD Speaker Awards
NCX Speaker Awards                                                     Sesenu Woldemariam 1st place  
Sharon Sun 1st place                                                      Thomas Lei 3rd place
Kate Bleakley 2nd place
Michelle Atkins 3rd place                                                 NLD Speaker Awards
                                                                                  Louise Lu 1st place

Muthu Alagappan 1st place Foreign Extemp                        Rachel Freeman 3rd place Poetry
Gustavo Herrera 3rd place Student Congress                      Austin Grogin 7th place Poetry
Austin Grogin 3rd place Prose                                           Annie Kuntz 8th place Dramatic Interp

Klein HS tournament results November 10-11
CCX                                                                             CLD
Brendan Fradkin/Xinxin Wang quarterfinals                       Sailesh Prabhu quarterfinals       
Essay Eden/ Herbie Wei quarterfinals                                Daniel Gwen octofinals         
                                                                                 Justin Sun octofinals          
Jimmy Moon/Terrence Liu closed out finals                      NLD              
Mengwei Ni/Sharon Sun closed out finals                         Tony Deng octofinals        
Alex Hu/ Billy Hu closed out finals                                    Jenny Kim octofinals
                                                                                 Erik Nelson octofinals
CCX Speaker awards
Brendan Fradkin 2nd place                                              Student Congress
Xinxin Wang 3rd place                                                   Grace Sun 3rd place

NCX Speaker awards
Alex Hu 1st place
Jimmy Moon 2nd place
Terrence Liu 3rd place

Little Cypress-Mauriceville tournament results November 10-11
Thomas Zhang/Michael Feng 2nd place
Kate Bleakley/Michelle Atkins 4th place       

Bickel Brewer team advanced to Sweet 16 for third consecutive year
Congratulations to Daniel Petkevich, Jenny, Fan, Zachary Garber, Shanna Chu, Satish Vemuri and
Chris Fan for leading Bellaire into the elimination rounds of the Bickel-Brewer National Public Policy
Forum contest for the third year in a row.  Their research paper was chosen as one of the top
sixteen papers in the nation and was chosen as the best case from the Southwest Region.  Exactly
100 schools participated in the initial round of the contest sponsored by the Bickel & Brewer Law
Firm and New York University.  The team will now compete in the round of 16 with the elite eight
schools announced January 10, 2007.  For more information concerning the contest you can visit
the Bickel & Brewer National Public Policy Forum website.
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.