Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
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Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Clear Brook HS tournament results December 7-8
2nd place debate sweepstakes
CCX                                                                NCX
Satish Vemuri/Vijay Kasschau 1st place               Raissa Largman/Christa Chiao  1st place    
Matthew Liu/Jacob Uzman 2nd place                  Isha Patel/Ambreen Iqbal  quarterfinals   
Scott Lin/Xinxin Wang 3rd place                        John Wang/ Rockey Wu  quarterfinals  
                                                                    Wen Fang/Stephanie Nguyen  quarterfinals  
Scott Lin 1st place CCX speaker award               Willy Ngo/Steven Ng  quarterfinals    
Jacob Uzman 2nd place CCX speaker award
Matthew Liu 3rd place CCX speaker award          Wen Fang 1st place NCX speaker award   
                                                                     Raissa Largman 2nd place NCX speaker award
                                                                     Rockey Wu 3rd place NCX speaker award
Bay City HS tournament results November 30-December 1
1st place debate sweepstakes
CCX                                                                 NCX     
Sarah Beasley/Brendan Fradkin quarterfinals          Kevin Hsieh/Ruoxi Yu semifinals   
Steven Xu/Vladimir Berka quarterfinals                 Karen Tang/Tina Yang quarterfinals  
Andrew Yang/Andrew Zhu quarterfinals                Sophee Gao/Jingxiao Jin quarterfinals  

Andrew Yang 1st place CCX speaker award          Lumeng Li 2nd place CCX speaker award  
Andrew Zhu 2nd place CCX speaker award
Brendan Fradkin 3rd place CCX speaker award

CLD                                                                  NLD  
Josh Rozner octofinals                                         Jake Terrell 2nd place
                                                                      Colin Flaherty quarterfinals   
Dayle Chang 2nd place CLD speaker award           Jake Terrell 1st place NLD speaker award

Student Congress
Grace Sun 1st place
Louise Lu 2nd place

Words That Shook the World Quarterfinalists
30 of the top 100 videos submitted in the Words That Shook the
World contest came from students at Bellaire High School.  Stu-
dents from across the country participated in the contest with
the top prize being $40,000 in college scholarships over four
years.  The students submitted 2-3 minute videos on the topic
My Message for America.  This group of 100 quarter-finalists
will be trimmed to 25 on December 15.  Congratulations to the
following quarterfinalists:
Muthu Alagappan        Louise Lu                       Vivek Sonnylal
Aryam Andom            Steven Maheshwary         Kristen Streeter    
Kate Bleakley              Erik Nelson                     Grace Sun      
Dayle Chang               Zachary Parker                Judy Sun    
Tanya Chen                Karthik Prasad                 Sharon Sun       
Alyce Chu                  Wilma Qiu                       Maggie Worthington   
Katherine Freeman      Josh Rozner                     Kaylor Wright    
Julie Heffler                Shaine Singson                 Dennis Wu    
Vivian Huang              Shireen Smalley                Jessica Yong       
Jingxiao Jin                Jessica Soehnge                Ruoxi Yu  

Scarborough HS tournament results November 16-17   
1st debate sweepstakes
CCX                                                                 CLD  
Jenny Fan/Shubha Soman semifinals                    Suna Wilkerson quarterfinals    
Saloni Singh/Brendan Fradkin semifinals               Thomas Lei octofinals   
Michelle Wang/Anna Fisher quarterfinals              Tanya Chen octofinals      

NCX                                                                NLD      
Steven Pan/Vladimir Berka semifinals                   Cara Weisman 1st place  
Rose Bleakley/Julie Strickland semifinals
Madhu Singh/Ruoxi Yu quarterfinals                    Student Congress   
Willy Ngo/Steven Ng quarterfinals                       Grace Sun 1st place    

Steven Ng 2nd place NCX speaker award             Public Forum   
Willy Ngo 3rd place NCX speaker award              Michelle Atkins/Steven Maheshwary 2nd place        

Bellaire Debaters advance to "Sweet 16" of NPPF
                                      For the fourth consecutive year Bellaire High School has advanced to
                                      the "Sweet 16" single-elimination round of the National Public Policy
                                      Forum tournament.   Satish Vemuri, Jenny Fan, Shanna Chu, Andrew
                                      Garbarino, Chris Fan, Chelsea Zhang and Saloni Singh produced the
                                      paper that was rated Best Case in the Southwest region.  By advancing
                                      in the 2007-2008 Bickel & Brewer/NYU National Public Policy Forum,
                                      the students remain eligible for the $10,000 first place prize and an
                                      all expense paid trip to the finals competition in New York City.

                                      The NPPF is the only national contest that gives high school students
                                      the opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues of
                                      public policy.  The topic for this tournament is Resolved:  The United
States federal government should substantially increase its AIDS/HIV public health assistance to
Sub-Saharan Africa.  More than 100 high schools from 26 states participated in the national

Bellaire will now compete in a written debate against Coppell High School.  A panel of judges will
review the four papers in the order they are presented and vote for the winning school.  The winner
advances to the next round of the competition.  This format continues until there are four schools
remaining.  Bellaire High School has advanced to the Final Four in New York City each of the last
three years.  

MacArthur HS tournament results November 9-10
CCX                                                                                CLD
Satish Vemuri/Brendan Fradkin 2nd place                             Thomas Lei 1st place
Matt Liu/Zexing Meng quarterfinals
NCX                                                                                Jake Terrell 3rd place
Luther Fan/Rafael Go 1st place                                           Jeremy Cheung quarterfinals
Christina Wang/Ruoxi Yu quarterfinals
Rose Bleakley/Lin Boynton quarterfinals                                Student Congress
                                                                                     Louise Lu 3rd place
Thomas Lei 1st place speaker award CLD
Dennis Wu 2nd place speaker award CLD
Rose Bleakley 3rd place speaker award NCX
Westside HS tournament results November 2-3
CCX                                                                                Student Congress
Jacob Aronowitz/David Wang 3rd place                               Grace Sun 3rd place
Michael Feng/Henry Lu quarterfinals                                    Louise Lu semifinals      

                                                                                     Public Forum     
NCX                                                                                Tanya Chen/Cara Weisman 1st place   
Luther Fan/Rafael Go 2nd place
Connie Huang/Ami Li 3rd place                                           CLD   
Christa Chia/Ambreen Iqbal quarterfinals                              Erik Nelson quarterfinals  
Steven Xu/Vladimir Berka quarterfinals                                 Kaylor Wright quarterfinals

                                                                                     Mallory Dunn-Norman 1st place
                                                                                     Lee Gao 3rd place
                                                                                     Tiffany Pham quarterfinals
                                                                                     Justine Huang quarterfinals                

Pasadena Memorial HS tournament results November 2-3
Matthew Liu/Jacob Uzman quarterfinals
Scott Lin/Chelsea Zhang quarterfinals
Yi Zhang/Zexing Meng quarterfinals

Lamar Consolidated HS tournament results October 26-27
CLD                                                                                Student Congress
Steven Maheshwary 2nd place                                            Grace Sun 1st place
Dennis Wu quarterfinals
Erik Nelson octofinals
Josh Rozner octofinals

Clear Lake HS tournament results October 19-20
2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes
CLD                                                                                 CCX
Steven Maheshwary  3rd place                                            Wilma Qiu/Xinxin Wang 3rd place
Shireen Smalley octofinals                                                   Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han
Rohini Sigireddi octofinals                                                   Jacob Aronowitz/Zexing Meng

NLD                                                                     NCX  
Samantha Maher 1st place                                       Erik Mao/Duo Xu----------------------     
Suna Wilkerson quarterfinals                                    Lin Boynton/Christina Wang            |
Tiffany Pham octofinals                                          Ami Li/Jenny Wei                       close
                                                                           Raissa Largman/Christa Chiao       out
Public Forum                                                          Rose Bleakley/Julie Strickland     quarters
Aryam Andom/Erik Nelson 1st place                          Madhu Singh/Ruoxi Yu                    |
Michelle Atkins/Kate Bleakley 2nd place                     Andrew Zhu/Bo Long-------------------            

University of Houston tournament results October 12-13
3rd Place Overall Sweepstakes
1st Place Debate Sweepstakes
CCX                                                                                 CLD
Brendan Fradkin/Saloni Singh 3rd place                                Shireen Smalley octofinals     
Jacob Aronowitz/David Wang  3rd place                              Erik Nelson octofinals    
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han quarterfinals
Essay Eden/Andrew Garbarino quarterfinals                          NLD        
                                                                                      Zhixing Yao 2nd place  
NCX                                                                                 Suna Wilkerson quarterfinals   
Raissa Largman/Christa Chiao 3rd place                                Chris Wang quarterfinals     
Luther Fan/Rafael Go 3rd place                                            Lee Gao octofinals    
Connie Huang/Kevin Hsieh quarterfinals                                 Justine Huang octofinals      
Madhu Singh/Ruoxi Yu quarterfinals
                                                                              Public Forum     
Parliamentary                                                             Michelle Atkins/Kate Bleakley 1st place  
Akia Pichon/Rafee Sadeque 3rd place

Ruoxi Yu  1st place NCX speaker award                       Kate Bleakley 2nd place PF speaker award    
Rafael Go 2nd place NCX speaker award                      Michelle Atkins 3rd place PF speaker award   
Akia Pichon 3rd place Parli speaker award

Memorial HS tournament results September 28-29
CLD                                                                              CCX
Muthu Alagappan 2nd place                                              Satish Vemuri/Vijay Kasschau octofinals

Ross Sterling HS tournament results September 28-29
3rd place Overall Sweepstakes
1st place Debate Sweepstakes
CCX                                                                                 CLD
Judy Sun/Ruyi Yao 2nd place                                              Tony Deng quarterfinals   
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han 3rd place                                   Josh Rozner quarterfinals   
Jacob Aronowitz/David Wang quarterfinals
Shanna Chu/Shelby Gasson quarterfinals                               NLD     
Rockey Wu/John Wang quarterfinals                                    Samantha Maher 3rd place    
Mary Ashley Liu/Meryl Nolan quarterfinals                            Lee Gao 3rd place   
                                                                                      Zhixing Yao quarterfinals   
NCX                                                                                 Mallory Dunn-Norman octofinals     
Raissa Largman/Christa Chiao 2nd place                               Colin Flaherty octofinals     
Amy Li/Jenny Wei 3rd place                                                Suna Wilkerson octofinals    
Rose Bleakley/Julie Strickland 3rd place
Lin Boynton/Christina Wang quarterfinals                         Tony Deng 3rd place CLD speaker award   
Sophee Gao/Jinxiao Jin quarterfinals                        Samantha Maher 2nd place NLD speaker award

Lara Brenner 1st place CCX speaker award
Hyungjoo Han 2nd place CCX speaker award
Mary Ashley Liu 3rd place CCX speaker award
Julie Strickland 1st place NCX speaker award

Katy Taylor tournament results September 21-22
2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes
CCX                                                                                 CLD
Scott Lin/Chelsea Zhang  1st place                                       Rohini Sigireddi octofinals
Matt Liu/Jacob Uzman  2nd place                                         Dennis Wu  double octofinals
Essay Eden/Andrew Garbarino  3rd place
Zexing Meng/Yi Zhang  3rd place                                         NLD     
Kai Zheng/Liang Gu  quarterfinals                                         Cara Weisman  3rd place  
                                                                                     Vivek Sonnylal  octofinals      
Luther Fan/Scott Delhommer-----                                         Student Congress    
                                         Co-Champions (close out)    Grace Sun  2nd place     
Rafael Go/Cameron Elston--------
Mency Qian/Wen Fang  quarterfinals                                     Public Forum    
John Wang/Rockey Wu  quarterfinals                                    Celina Aldape/Tanya Chen  3rd place

Scott Lin  1st place speaker award CCX
Matt Liu  3rd place speaker award CCX
John Wang  2nd place speaker award NCX   

The Woodlands tournament results September 21-22
Satish Vemuri/Vijay Kasschau quarterfinals

Greenhill School  tournament results September 15-16
Muthu Alagappan  double octofinals

Elkins HS  tournament results September 14-15
CLD                                                                                 CCX
Rohini Sigireddi  semifinals                                                  Scott Lin/Chelsea Zhang quarterfinals

NLD                                                                               Public Forum
Zhixing Yao  quarterfinals                                                 Aryam Andom/Celina Aldape  2nd place
Mallory Dunn-Norman  octofinals
Stephani-Nicole Lewis octofinals

US Extemp
Louise Lu  semifinals        

Bellaire Novice Extravaganza  tournament results September 7-8
NCX                                                                                 NLD
8-0  Mary Ashley Liu/Meryl Nolan                                       7-1  Dayle Chang
7-1  John Wang/Rockey Wu                                               7-1  Suna Wilkerson
6-2  Christa Chiao/Alyce Chu                                              6-2  Samantha Maher
6-2  Zhida Zhu/Bo Long                                                      6-2  James Wang
6-2  Rafael Go/Cameron Elston                                            6-2  Caroline Weisman
6-2  Rose Bleakley/Julie Strickland
6-2  Steven Ng/Willy Ngo
6-2  Jiawen Wei/Yunjiao Li
Deer Park HS tournament results September 7-8
CCX                                                                                 CLD
Lara Brenner/Hyungjoo Han  quarterfinals                             Rohini Sigireddi quarterfinals   
Aaron Calder/Brendan Fradkin  quarterfinals

                                    2007-2008 Bellaire Debate Officers
                       Satish Vemuri                                      President
                       Xinxin Wang                                       Vice President
                       Hyungjoo Han                                      Secretary
                       Steven Maheshwary                             Treasurer
                       Zexing Meng                                        Press Release
                       Seth Romo                                          Social Coordinator
                       Jenny Fan & Jacob Uzman                    CX Research Captains
                       Andrew Garbarino & Shubha Soman      CX Novice Captains
                       Muthu Alagappan & Karthik Prasad        Lincoln Douglas Captains