Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
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                             NFL School of Excellence
                                                                Bellaire Debaters participated in the National Forensic
                                                           League (NFL) National Speech & Debate tournament in
                                                           Birmingham, Alabama June 15-19. 2009.  This year
                                                           marked the 51st time that Bellaire participated in the
                                                           national tournament in its 54 years of existence (one of
                                                           the highest totals in the country.)
                                                                 Louise Lu, junior earned 6th in the nation in Student
                                                           Congress.  This marked the second consecutive year that
Louise was in the final round.  Under new rules established by NFL, Louise has also earned an
automatic qualification to the 2010 NFL National Speech & Debate tournament which will be held in
Kansas City, Missouri.
John Williams, freshman, advanced to the semi finals of Student Congress and Jacob Aronowitz,
junior, and David Wang, junior, advanced to round 10 of policy debate.  The efforts of all four
students contributed to Bellaire Debate winning the School of Excellence in debate award.  

Victorious at NCFL Nats
Bellaire Debaters competed at the 58th annual Nat-
ional Catholic Forensic League Grand National Tourna-
ment May 23-24, 2009 in Albany, New York.
Several students were successful and walked away
with awards from the tournament including Weiting Ji,
semifinals Student Congress; Andrew Zhu & Liang Gu,
double octofinals policy debate; Erik Nelson & Rohini
Sigireddi, quarterfinals Public Forum debate; and Louise
Lu, finals Student Congress.
Nelson & Sigireddi were undefeated in preliminary rounds going 5-0 while picking up 13 of 15
possible ballots.  Their loss in quarterfinals came to the team that went on to win the tournament.
Next year's NCFL National tournament will be held in Omaha, NE.

            2009-2010 Officers
                          President                                Scott Lin
Vice President                        Wilma Qiu
Secretary                                David Wang
Treasurer                               Tom Zhang
Historian                                William Hu
Press Release                         Rafael Go
 Publicity Director                    Rockey Wu
Social Coordinators                 Lin Boynton & Mary Ashley Liu
Extemp Captain                      Celina Aldape
LD Captain                             Erik Nelson
PF Captain                              Rohini Sigireddi
CX Research Captains            Luther Fan & Matt Times  
CX Novice Captains                Liang Gu & John Wang
Congress Research Captains  Weiting Ji & Louise
Congress Novice Captains       Samantha Maher & John Williams

Back to Back National Champs

Bellaire Debaters defended their national championship in the Bickel & Brewer/NYU National
Public Policy Forum contest by defeating Plano Senior High School April 18 on the campus of New
York University.  Andrew Garbarino, senior and team captain; Jacob Aronowitz, junior; Sharon Sun,
junior; Wilma Qiu, junior; Matt Times, junior; and Judy Sun, junior, under the direction of coach
Russell Rach sailed through the semi final round against Glenbrook North High School from
Chicago, Illinois winning a 5-0 decision.
The other semi final round saw Plano Senior High School defeat Deer Park High School setting up
the all Texas showdown in the final round.  Plano upheld the affirmative of the topic questioning
whether the United States should substantially increase alternative energy incentives.  In previous
rounds of the competition schools exchanged papers which were read by judges.  The final round
gave the two schools about 3 hours to prepare.  All of the arguments were presented orally in front
of the seven judge panel.
After opening statements by Plano Senior and Bellaire the two teams were allowed to question
each others arguments.  One of the things that makes the National Public Policy Forum unique from
other forms of debate is the ability of the judges to question debaters from both sides as the debate
is in progress.  John Sexton, president of New York University; Dr. Scott Deatherage, executive
director of the National Urban Debate League; J. Scott Wunn, executive director of the National
Forensic League; and Melissa Maxey Wade, National Debate Project and Emory University; provided
tough and probing questions.  Rebuttals from each school brought the round to a conclusion.
For the second consecutive year, Bellaire won the final round to claim the Bickel & Brewer Cup,
the national championship and a check for $10,000.  William A. Brewer III, partner at the Bickel &
Brewer law firm in Dallas, and founder of the NPPF, said 180 schools registered for the contest from
around the country as well as 14 foreign countries.  "As a finals judge, I have seen Bellaire improve
every year in its research capabilities and oral advocacy skills.  These are amazing students who are
always prepared."  Bellaire Debate wishes to thank the Bickel & Brewer law firm, New York Uni-
versity and the judges for making the National Public Policy Forum program available to students
across the nation.

2 Qualify to Nationals in Student Congress
Bellaire Debate concluded a very successful NFL District tournament
by qualifying three students to the National Forensic League/Lincoln Fi-
nancial Group National Speech & Debate tournament in Birmingham, AL
in June.
Louise Lu, junior, returns for her second national tournament.  Joining
Louise is John Williams, freshman.  This is the first time in the history of
Bellaire Debate that the squad has qualified two students to nationals in
Student Congress.
Sophomore Samantha Maher and Weiting Ji, freshman, finished as first runner-up in their cham-

                                                     UIL Spring Meet Results April 4, 2009
                                                                   Lincoln Douglas              Persuasive
                                                                   Eric Nelson 1st place       Rohini Sigireddi 1st place
                                                                   Dennis Wu 2nd place       Celina Aldape 5th place

                                                                   Current Events                Informative
                                                                   Celina Aldape 1st place     Tom Zhang 4th place
                                                                   Scott Lin 3rd place

Welcome Back to NYC!!!
Bellaire Debate advanced to the Final Four of the Bickel &
Brewer/New York University National Public Policy Forum con-
test by defeating Bronx School of Science from New York on a
3-0 decision.
This is the fifth consecutive year Bellaire High School has ad-
vanced to the Final Four.  Bellaire High School is the reigning
national champion in this competition.
By advancing to this round, the team is eligible to win a
$10,000 first place prize and an all expense paid trip to the finals
competition in New York City April 17-19.
"This year marks the first time this contest has included
schools outside the United States," said William A. Brewer III,
partner at Bickel & Brewer and founder of the NPPF.
The NPPF is the only contest that gives high school students
the opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues
of public policy.  The 2008-2009 competition, which annually
involves more than 700 students began in October when more
than 100 high schools representing 14 foreign countries and 32 states submitted essays on the topic,
"Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase alternative energy in-
centives in the United States."
Bellaire will be facing Glenbrook North High School from Chicago, Illinois in one of the national
semifinals while Deer Park High School will face Plano Senior High.  
Houston Chronicle article.
                            Tournament results UIL CX State, March 20-21, 2009
                                 Matthew Liu & Zexing Meng advanced to the octofinal round of the 99th
                            annual University Interscholastic League State Cross Examination debate
                            tournament held on the campus of the University of Texas March 20-21.
                                 Matthew Liu earned an award as the 5th best speaker in the tournament.
                            His colleague Zexing Meng was the 9th best speaker out of over 100 parti-
                                 Jacob Aronowitz and David Wang also participated in the state tourna-
                            ment compiling a record of 3 wins and 1 loss during preliminary rounds.
                            They missed advancing to elimination rounds by a few speaker points.

Bellaire Debate enjoyed a strong showing at the
36th annual Texas Forensic Association State
Speech & Debate tournament held at Cypress Ranch
High School.  Louise Lu (pictured right) won the
state championship in Student Congress.  Matthew
Liu & Jacob Uzman advanced to the quarterfinal
round of policy debate while Zexing Meng and Rishi
Shah made it to the octofinal round of debate.  Aldo
Cruz and Shireen Smalley advanced to the semifinal
round of Student Congress and Celina Aldape ad-
vanced to the semifinal round of US Extemp.  Aldo Cruz won the award for outstanding presiding
officer in Student Congress, Rishi Shah earned the 5th place speaker award in policy debate and the
team of Celina Aldape & Aryam Andom received 9th place speaker awards in public forum debate.
The Bellaire Debate squad also won the L.D. Naeglin award given each year to the school with
the highest number of cumulative state qualifications (279).  The squad also received an award for
earning the fifth most state qualifiers during the 2008-2009 season with 26.

                               NFL District Tournament Results February 26-28
Bellaire High School qualified three policy debate teams at the South
                                       Texas NFL District tournament held at Lamar High School.  Matthew
                                       and Jacob Uzman are returning for a second year to the NFL National
                                       Speech & Debate tournament.  David Wang and Jacob Aronowitz
                                       qualified for their first time to NFL Nationals.  This year's national
                                       tournament will be held June 13-20, 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama.
                                       Bellaire continued its tradition of excellence qualifying policy debate
teams to the NFL national tournament for the seventh year in a row and 44 of the last 53 years.  
More students from Bellaire will have the opportunity to qualify for NFL Nationals at the South
Texas NFL district Student Congress scheduled for April 8 at Clear Creek High School.

Memorial HS Tournament Results February 20-21, 2009
CCX                                                                     FX
Jacob Uzman/Matt Liu 3rd place                              Rohini Sigireddi 1st place

Duo Xu 4th place
Aldo Cruz 7th place

The Woodlands HS Tournament Results February 20-21, 2009
CLD                                                                      Congress     
Dennis Wu quarterfinals                                           Judy Liu 2nd place     
Zhixing Yao quarterfinals
Sanchit Kamble octofinals

Jerry Chen 3rd place   

Lamar HS Tournament Results February 13-14, 2009
CCX                                                                     CLD             
Andrew Garbarino/Mary Ashley Liu 1st place            Rohini Sigireddi 3rd place
Henry Lu/Tom Zhang 2nd place                               Cara Weisman 3rd place      
Max Feinstein/Benjamin Zhang 3rd place                   Eric Nelson quarterfinals    
Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan/Jeffrey Wang 3rd place    Xiaoyu Wang octofinals

Andrew Garbarino 2nd place CCX speaker award      Erik Nelson 1st place CLD speaker award

                                                                       Samantha Maher 1st place
                                                                       Judy Liu 2nd place
                                                                       Justine Huang 4th place
                                                                       Christine Dang 6th place
                                                                       Feifei Le 7th place
                                                                       Tyler Quinn 8th place

Bellaire Advances to Elite Eight of NPPF
Bellaire Debaters advanced to the Elite Eight round of the Bickel-
Brewer National Public Policy Forum competition by defeating Durham
Academy from North Carolina.  Bellaire upheld the negative during the
Sweet 16 round.  Bellaire's next opponent, Bronx School of Science from
New York, advanced by defeating Del Valle High School from Texas.  
The winner of the Bellaire-Bronx School of Science debate will advance
to the Final Four April 17-19, 2009 at New York University.  Bellaire has
participated in the Final Four each of the last four years, winning the
competition in 2008.  
Click here for the Houston Chronicle story.
Other Elite Eight round matchups include Glenbrook North High
School (IL) vs North Allegheny High School (PA); Plano Senior (TX) vs
La Salle College High School (PA); and Suncoast Community High
School (FL) vs Deer Park High School (TX).

Colleyville Heritage HS Tournament Results February 6-7, 2009
Zexing Meng/Rishi Shah quarterfinals
Matthew Liu/Jacob Uzman octofinals

Rishi Shah 1st place CCX speaker award

Texas City HS Tournament Results February 6-7, 2009
3rd place Overall Sweepstakes
CCX                                                          CLD
Max Feinstein/Benjamin Zhang 1st place         Cara Weisman 3rd place   
Brendan Chou/Xin Xin Xu 2nd place
Xin Xin Xu 2nd place CCX speaker award     John Williams 5th place
                                                               Dalton Menn 8th place
                                                               Samantha Maher finalist
                                                               Justine Huang finalist
                                                               Alyssa Blackburn finalist
                                                               Christine Dang finalist

Clear Creek HS Tournament Results January 30-31, 2009
CCX                                                          Congress
Brendan Chou/Xin Xin Xu 2nd place              Shireen Smalley 1st place
Henry Lu/ Tom Zhang octofinals                   John Williams 2nd place
                                                               Weiting Ji 6th place
LD                                                             Aldo Cruz finalist
Rohini Sigireddi octofinals                            Tyler Quinn finalist
                                                               Romy Megahed finalist   

Barkley Forum Tournament Results January 23-25, 2009
Weiting Ji semifinals

Pasadena Memorial Tournament Results January 23-24, 2009
CCX                                                          Congress
Zexing Meng/Rishi Shah 2nd place                John Willliams 8th place  

Churchill HS Tournament Results January 16-17, 2009
Congress                                                    Foreign Extemp
Louise Lu 4th place                                      Rohini Sigireddi 7th place  
Aldo Cruz finalist                                         Rishi Shah 8th place   

Louise Lu Outstanding Presiding Officer

Magnolia HS Tournament Results January 16-17, 2009
CCX                                                           Congress          
Judy Sun/Sharon Sun 3rd place                      Duo Xu 3rd place
Wenkun Zhang/Kai Zheng 3rd place
Hong Yu Chen/Nikhil Roy quarterfinals
Raissa Largman/Christa Chiao quarterfinals

                                           Bellaire advances to "Sweet 16"
                                 Bellaire High School is once again one step closer to winning a
                                           $10,000 grand prize in the Bickel & Brewer/New York University
                                           National Public Policy Forum (NPPF). The Bellaire debaters have
                                           advanced to the “Sweet 16” round of this international contest – the
                                           only contest in the nation that gives high school students the
                                           opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues of
                                           public policy.  Bellaire won the 2007-2008 competition.
                                                By advancing to the round of 16, the Bellaire debaters remain
                                           eligible to win not only the $10,000 grand prize, but also an all-
                                           expenses-paid trip to the finals in New York City.
                                                “The Bellaire High School debate team has joined select
company,” says William A. Brewer III, partner at Bickel & Brewer and founder of the NPPF. “The
team is one of the final 16 in a debate competition that has attracted participants from all over the
More than 100 schools – representing 14 foreign countries and 32 states – entered the 2008-2009
NPPF competition by submitting qualifying round essays on the topic, “Resolved: The United States
federal government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the United States.”
The competition annually involves more than 700 students.
The top 32 essays were chosen, and those schools engaged in a series of one-on-one individual
written debate competitions. Schools volleyed papers back and forth, arguing in the affirmative or
negative on the public policy topic. Judges reviewed the papers in the order they were received and
voted for the winning school from each individual competition. The top 16 schools now advance and
continue in this progressive, single-elimination written debate tournament. With its win against
Trinity High School in Pennsylvania, Bellaire High School now competes against The Durham
Academy in Durham, North Carolina.
The final four schools will be announced in March. Those schools will receive an all-expenses paid
trip to the April 17-19, 2009, NPPF Finals at New York University. After completing written and oral
arguments, finalists will be honored during a special banquet and awards ceremony.  The Bickel &
Brewer Foundation will also award the winning team a $10,000 grand prize and the “Bickel &
Brewer Cup.”
The NPPF was founded by the Bickel & Brewer Foundation in 2001, and is now jointly administered
with New York University. The program is available to all high schools – public and private – for
free. Since its inception, the NPPF has awarded more than $600,000 in support of forensic activities
at the secondary school and collegiate levels. The NPPF is endorsed by leading forensic agencies
such as the National Forensic League, National Association of Urban Debate Leagues, and the
International Debate Education Association.
The Bickel & Brewer Foundation is a private, non-profit organization funded by companies,
individuals and the national litigation firm of Bickel & Brewer. With offices in Dallas and New York,
the Foundation has achieved widespread recognition for its efforts to create, fund and manage a
variety of educational outreach programs. Visit the NPPF at

Before Brent Spiner was Famous
There are many similarities between forensicators and Lt. Commander
Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Both are highly intelligent,
but rarely understood by the outside world.  Both aim only to evolve, to
be better than what they are.  And both belong to the NFL.
Data, who is actually Brent Spiner, was born February 2, 1949 in
Houston, TX.  He was the son of Sylvia a corporate VP and Jack, a
furniture store owner.  When Jack suddenly died, Sylvia was left to raise
the infant Brent and his brother alone.  She eventually remarried a man
named Sol Mintz.  Although Mintz adopted Brent, Brent changed his
name back to Spiner when he became a professional actor.
Spiner attended Bellaire High School in Houston and was heavily in-
volved in baseball and the drama club, in addition to being a member of the NFL.  While on the
speech team, he gained 143 points and even earned the title of Dramatic Interpretation Champion at
the 1967 National Tournament (the same year actress Shelley Long won Oratory).  After his success
in high school, Spiner moved on to the University of Houston and began performing in local theater in
Houston.  Eventually he dropped out of college to move to New York City and try his acting luck
there.  While in New York, Spiner gained more stage acting experience, performing in several Broad-
way and Off-Broadway plays, including The Three Muskateers and Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in
the Park with George.
In 1984, Spiner decided to try film acting and moved again, this time to LA, where he appeared in
several pilots and made-for-TV movies.  He then auditioned for the up-and-coming show Star Trek:
The Next Generation.  Spiner himself was never a fan of science fiction or of the original Star Trek,
but figured the show would soon be cancelled and he desperately needed the money.  Starting in
1987, Spiner played Data for 15 years, during the show's 7 seasons and the 4 feature films that
Even when the show was cancelled in 1994, Spiner's career as a performer barely paused.  He is
most remembered for his role in Independence Day as Dr. Okun, the somewhat awkward chief
scientist of Area 51 who is attacked and killed by his alien subjects.  He has also made appearances
on Law & Order, Friends, Dude, Where's My Car?, I Am Sam, and The Aviator.  Spiner returned to
the theater and appeared in the Broadway revival 1776 as John Adams.  Unlike most of his co-stars,
Spiner is not very active in the Star Trek convention scene.  He has made a few appearances, but
overall his lack of interest in science fiction gets the best of him.  However, he still regards Patrick
Stewart and Lavar Burton as two of his best friends.  
One of the challenges forensicators face is finding the human element in their events; to not be
robotic and detached, but simply themselves.  It is this crucial element that separates the good from
the great.  As the character Data, Spiner sums up the NFL experience the best "If being human is not
simply a matter of being born flesh and blood - if it is instead a way of thinking, acting, and feeling,
then I am hopeful that one day I will discover my humanity.  Until then...I will continue learning,
changing, growing, and trying to become more than what I am."  
Reprinted from the National Forensic League

News & Stories from September, 2008 - December, 2008
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.