Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
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Clear Brook HS tournament results December 11-12, 2009

Gil Shaulsky 1st place

Rainer Go/Warren Grant 1st place

Siddharth Prasad quarterfinals

Round Rock HS tournament results November 20-21, 2009
2nd place Overall Sweepstakes
Sean Chang/Andrew Zhu quarterfinals
Luther Fan/John Wang quarterfinals

Willis Nguy/Alice Tao 2nd place

Jennifer Knesbach/Michelle Knesbach 1st place
Erik Nelson/Rohini Sigireddi 3rd place
Dennis Wu/Zhixing Yao 3rd place

Jack C. Hays HS tournament results November 13-14, 2009
Scott Lin/Wilma Qui 1st place
Luther Fan/John Wang 3rd place

Scott Lin  2nd place CCX speaker award

Dennis Wu/Zhixing Yao 2nd place
Caroline Meyerson/Janice Maliakkal quarterfinals

Clear Lake HS tournament results November 6-7, 2009
2nd place Overall Sweepstakes
Nikhil Roy/Elizabeth Zhang 3rd place
Bo Long/ Michael Ong quarterfinals

Paul Lambert/Peter Nguyen quarterfinals
Zara Khan/Chuying Zhang quarterfinals
Lauren Nguyen/Elise Shen quarterfinals
Chris Shin/Yinglun Hao quarterfinals

West Orange Stark HS tournament results October 31, 2009
Sean Chang/Liang Gu  1st place
Nikhil Roy/Elizabeth Zhang  2nd place
Charlie Wan/Yinjie Ji  3rd place
Scott Lin/Hallie Garcia  3rd place
Sarah Orsak/Akosua Nwosah  quarterfinals

NCX (these 8 teams closed out quarters)
Amy Jiang/Evelyn Craigen
Alice Tao/Chuying Zhang
Helen Mazella/Joanna Wang
Liang Ren/Grant Warren
Regan Wang/Sajeel Malik
Jackie Luo Xinyi He
Lisa Chung Shuhui Wan
Tian Wang/Seth Uzman

54th Annual Bellaire Forensic Tournament
A huge thanks to parents, alumni and community members
who helped make the 2009 Bellaire Forensic Tournament a
success.  Nearly 400 people served as judges over the two
day tournament.  

39 schools with nearly 800 students attended this year's
tournament.  Clements High School won the Harlan Andrews
Overall Sweepstakes award for the second consecutive year.

Lamar Consolidated HS tournament results October 24, 2009
Weiting Ji  2nd place
Omkar Joshi  4th place
Zachary Mathew 5th place
Amy Li  7th place
Sneha Joshi  8th place

Hastings HS tournament results October 16-17, 2009
Andrew Zhu/Tom Zhang quarterfinals
Rockey Wu/Rafael Go octofinals
Joe Fang/Sam Townsend octofinals
Jerry Zhang/Daniel Yun octofinals

Sajeel Malik/Regan Wang 2nd place
Zara Khan/Chuying Zhang 3rd place
Andrew Alter/Zachary Birenbaum 3rd place
Lauren Busby/Ankeet Mutha quarterfinals
Henry Knight/Ying Hao quarterfinals

University of Houston tournament results, October 2-3, 2009
2nd place Overall Sweepstakes
1st place Debate Sweepstakes
Christa Chiao/Jeffrey Wang semifinals
Brendan Chou/Xin Xin Xu quarterfinals

Gina Toumajian 2nd place
Cara Weisman quarterfinals
Sanchit Kamble octofinals

Dennis Wu/Zhixing Yao 2nd place
Erik Nelson/Rohini Sigireddi quarterfinals

Rohini Sigireddi 3rd place

Eboneee Culpepper 3rd place

Cara Weisman 1st place CLD speaker award
Rohini Sigireddi 1st place PF speaker award
Erik Nelson 3rd place PF speaker award

Memorial HS tournament results, September 25-26, 2009
Scott Lin/Wilma Qiu quarterfinals

Olivia Arena/Lucy Chen quarterfinals

John Williams 5th place

Grapevine HS tournament results, September 18-19, 2009
Luther Fan/Andrew Zhu octofinals

Bellaire Novice Extravavaganza results September 18-19, 2009
Seth Uzman/Tian Wang  1st place
Evelyn Craigen/Amy Jiang  2nd place
Liang Ren/Joanna Wang  3rd place
Katie Garbarino/            4th place
Regan Wang/Sajeel Malik  5th place
Rainer Go/ Grant Warren  7th place
Peter Nguyen/Paul Lambert  8th place
Valerie Nguyen/Shuhui Wan  9th place
Lauren Busby/Ankeet Mutha  10th place
Chuying Zhang/Alice Tao  11th place
Henry Knight/Yingluan Hao  12th place
Yiang Chen/Kevin Gian  13th place
Xinyi He/ Jackie Luo  14th place
David Nielsen/Willy Nguy  15th place
Bo Li/Mohammad Khan  16th place

Jennifer Knesbach/Michelle Knesbach  1st place
Yingying Lai/Ziyu Wang  10th place

Gil Shaulsky  1st place
Benjamin Liu  9th place
Sidharth Prasad  12th place

Natalia Majewska  2nd place
Vivek Sonnylal 3rd place
Jennifer Knesbach 4th place
Zachary Mathew 5th place
Sneha Joshi 6th place
Diana Ruan 7th place
Michelle Knesbach 8th place

Elkins HS tournament results September 11-12, 2009
1st place overall sweepstakes
Branden Chou/Xin Xin Xu 3rd place
Arman-Gurgen Movsesyan/Thomas Du 4th place
Nikhil Roy/Elizabeth Zhang 4th place
Bo Kim/Jin Kim 4th place

Arman-Gurgen Movsesyan 1st place speaker award

Steven Chao/Regan Wang 2nd place
Tian Wang/Seth Uzman 3rd place
Peter Nguyen/Liang Ren 3rd place
Xinyi He/Jackie Luo 4th place

Olivia Arena/Lucy Chen 2nd place
Dennis Wu/Zhixing Yao 4th place
Jerry Chen/Duo Xu 4th place

Ebonee Culpepper 2nd place

Alief Elsik HS tournament results September 4-5, 2009
1st place overall sweepstakes
Henry Lu/Kai Zheng 2nd place                          
Scott Lin/Wilma Qiu 3rd place
Sean Chang/Liang Gu 4th place               
Bo Kim/Jin Kim 4th place                                     
Dennis Wu/Zhixing Yao 2nd place                          
Dennis Wu 2nd place speaker award                        
Cara Weisman octofinals                                       
Michelle Knesbach 3rd place

     2009-2010 Officers
           President                                Scott Lin
Vice President                        Wilma Qiu
Secretary                                David Wang
Treasurer                               Tom Zhang
Historian                                William Hu
Press Release                         Rafael Go
 Publicity Director                    Rockey Wu
Social Coordinators                 Lin Boynton & Mary Ashley Liu
Extemp Captain                      Celina Aldape
LD Captain                             Erik Nelson
PF Captain                              Rohini Sigireddi
CX Research Captains            Luther Fan & Matt Times  
CX Novice Captains                Liang Gu & John Wang
Congress Research Captains  Weiting Ji & Louise Lu
Congress Novice Captains       Samantha Maher & John Williams

News & Stories from January, 2009 - June, 2009
Bellaire Debate
Ranked number 1 in the nation out of
2,700 high schools by the National
Forensic League.
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.
Rochelle Marynovsky 3rd place
Tyler Quinn 4th place
Jennifer Watts 5th place
Diana Ruan finals
Abdullah Butt finals
Ebonee Culpepper semifinals
Jared Patterson semifinals
Angeline Rodriguez semifinals
Neha Reddu semifinals
Katherine Peacock semifinals
Justine Huang semifinals
Xinghua Duo semifinals
Alex Mo semifinals

Jin Niu  1st place
Weiting Ji  2nd place
Dillon Hoang  4th place
Samantha Maher  5th place
Vivek Kantamani  7th place
Sneha Joshi  10th place
Jingxiao Jin  semifinals
Amy Li  semifinals
Natalia Majewska  semifinals
Jerry Chen  semifinals

Duo Xu  3rd place
Jake Terrell  8th place
Amy Li finals
Katherine Peacock  finals
Jin Niu  finals
Katherine Fang  finals
Kevin George  finals

John Williams  1st place
Weiting Ji  2nd place
Omkar Joshi  3rd place
Sneha Joshi  4th place
Walter Chang  semifinals
Christine Dang  semifinals
Xinghua Duo  semifinals
Connie Feng  semifinals
Laugen He  semifinals
Dillon Hoang  semifinals
Amy Li  semifinals
Zachary Mathew  semifinals
Willy Ngo  semifinals
Tyler Quinn  semifinals
Zachary Weddle  semifinals
Tatyana Yatsenko  semifinals
Ni Zhan  semifinals

Tyler Quinn  1st place
Omkar Joshi  2nd place
Sneha Joshi  3rd place
Jake Terrell  4th place
Vivek Kantamani  6th place

US Extemp
Ginal Toumajian  2nd place
Omkar Joshi  3rd place
Tyler Quinn  4th place
Jingxiao Jin  6th place

Gil Shaulsky  3rd place
Ben Liu quarterfinals

John Williams  3rd place
Judy Liu  5th place

Public Forum
Erik Nelson/Rohini Sigireddi  1st place

Gina Toumajian  quarterfinals

Senior Congress
Samantha Maher 2nd place
Feifei Le 5th place
Omkar Joshi 8th place
Katheine Peacock 9th place

Novice Congress
Walter Chang 2nd place
Laugen He 4th place
Steven Ng 5th place
Kathleen Lee 6th place
Vivek Kantamani 8th place
Bethany Wong 9th place
Crystal Jin 10th place

House A
Dillon Hoang  1st place
Laugen He  2nd place
Walter Chang  3rd place
Natalia Majewska  4th place
Kathleen Lee  6th place
Erik Mao  8th place

House B
Jennifer Watts  1st place
Amy Li  2nd place
Diana Ruan 3rd place
Vivek Sonnylal 5th place
Jingxiao Jin  6th place
Willy Ngo  7th place

House C
Kevin George  3rd place
Sneha Joshi  4th place
Matthew Michaelides  5th place
Zachary Mathew  6th place
Ni Zhan  7th place
Tatiana Yatsenko  8th place

House D
Ebonee Culpepper  2nd place
Omkar Joshi  3rd place
Zachary Weddle  4th place
Drake Walker  5th place
Steven Ng  6th place
Brynfor Morris  7th place

Samantha Maher 2nd place
Weiting Ji 4th place
Tyler Quinn 7th place
Ebonee Culpepper semis
Connie Feng semis
Justine Huang semis

Novice Congress
Omkar Joshi 1st place
Sneha Joshi 2nd place
Matthew Michaelides 3rd place
Jingxiao Jin 4th place
Angeline Rodriguez 5th place
Zachary Mathew 6th place
Amy Li 7th place
Laughen He 8th place
Steven Ng semis
Willy Ngo semis

Judy Liu semis

Novice Congress
Ebonee Culpepper 1st place
Diana Ruan 4th place
Ni Zhan 5th place
Jack Sun 7th place
Natalia Majewska 8th place
Walter Chang semis
Kevin Gu semis
Kathleen Lee semis
Willy Ngo semis
Jin Niu semis
Drake Walker semis