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UIL State CX tournament results March 18-19
Brendan Chou & Benjamin Zhang quarterfinals

TFA State tournament results March 10-12
Luther Fan/John Wang octofinals

Olivia Arena/Lucy Chen octofinals

South Texas NFL tournament results March 3-5
Brendan Chou/Xinxin Xu  National Qualifier
John Wang/Benjamin Zhang  National Qualifier

Bellaire Debaters Among Top of the World
Christa Chiao and Zara Khan placed in the Gulen Institute Youth
Platform contest.  The contest received 600 essays from 53 countries
and 35 states from the U.S.  Christa placed 11th and Zara placed 20th.
Christa and Zara will receive $300 from the Gulen Institute along with an all expense paid trip to
Washington D.C. for the award ceremony in March.  During their 4 day trip they will have the
opportunity to meet U.S. Congress members, participate in round table discussions, and visit think
tank organizations and tourist attractions.  Congratulations!

Texas City HS tournament results February 18-19

Jersey Village HS tournament results February 11-12
Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan/Thomas Du  semifinals
Televive Taye/Allayah Frazier quarterfinals
Alex Chu/Kang Di Li  quarterfinals
Willis Nguy/June Tao quarterfinals

Nathan Hiransomboon semifinals

Lamar HS tournament results January 28-29
Aman Narayan/Laura Zhang 2nd place
Charlie Wan/Yinji Ji  3rd place
Televive Taye/Allayah Frazier quarterfinals
Willis Nguy/Jun Ling Tao quarterfinals

Olivia Arena/Hong Yu Chen  2nd place

Nathan Hiransomboon  1st place

Barkley Forum for High Schools tournament results January 28-30

Cypress Woods HS tournament results January 21-22

Mayde Creek HS tournament results January 21-22
Televive Taye/Allayah Frazier  quarterfinals
Andrew Alter/Zachary Birenbaum  quarterfinals

Katy HS tournament results January 14-15
Helen Mazella/Tian Wang  2nd place
Alice Tao/Willis Nguy quarterfinals
Sajeel Malik/Regan Wang quarterfinals
Yingying Lai/Clark Johnson quarterfinals
Televive Taye/Allayah Frazier  octofinals
Zara Khan/Chuying Zhang octofinals
Aman Narayan/Laura Zhang octofinals
Hanying Li/Alex Chu octofinals

Winston Churchill HS tournament results January 14-15

Foster HS tournament results January 7-8
Aman Narayan/Laura Zhang  2nd place
Victoria Stuckey/Daniel Guo quarterfinals
Kang Di Li/Alex Chu quarterfinals

Westfield HS tournament results January 7-8
Luther Fan/John Wang  3rd place
Nikhil Roy/Ben Zhang  octofinals

News & Stories from June, 2010 - December, 2010
Bellaire Debate
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.

Congress House
Cari Bonilla  semis
David Davis semis
Xinghua Dou  semis
Weiting Ji  semis
Judy Liu  semis
Samantha Maher  semis

Congress Senate
Pooja Prasad  semis

Gil Shaulsky  National Qualifier

Ziyu Wang  1st place
Jennifer Cho 2nd place
Dillon Hoang 3rd place
Nathan Hiransomboon 4th place
Cari Bonilla 5th place
Uche Akoma 6th place
Kevin George 7th place

Jennifer Watts  1st place
Samantha Maher  2nd place  
David Davis 4th place
Cari Bonilla 5th place
Nathan Hiransomboon 6th place
Ziyu Wang 7th place
Dillon Hoang 8th place

Ben Liu  double octofinals
Gil Shaulsky double octofinals

Jennifer Watts  1st place
Vivek Kantamani  3rd place
David Davis  4th place
Zachary Mathew 5th place
Ziyu Wang 6th place
Katherine Fang 8th place

Pooja Prasad  1st place
Gil Shaulsky  2nd place
Raveena Chhibber  octofinals

John Williams  7th place

Samantha Maher  3rd place
Zachary Weddle  5th place
Jennifer Watts 7th place

Novice Congress
Kirby Ledvina  1st place
David Wu  2nd place

Gina Toumajian  3rd place

Nathan Hiransomboon  finals

Cari Bonilla  2nd place
Neha Reddy 3rd place
Xinghua Dou 4th place
Jennifer Cho 7th place
Uche Akoma 8th place
Kevin Gwen finals
Manlin Yao finals

Elaine Shen  octofinals
Ben Liu  octofinals
Pooja Prasad  octofinals

Weiting Ji  6th place
Feifei Le  8th place

Samantha Maher  2nd place
Feifei Le  5th place
Vivek Kantamani  7th place
Zachary Mathew  8th place

Manlin Yao  semis
Drake Walker semis
Maya Shaulsky semis
Kristina Duan semis
Ziyu Wang semis