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Texas City HS tournament results February 3-4
2nd place Overall Sweepstakes
Xin xin Xu/Alex Chu  3rd place
Aaron Birenbaum/Akash Shukla  quarterfinals

Xin xin Xu 2nd place CCX speaker award

Nathan Hiransomboon  3rd place
Salem Hadgu  5th place

Maya Shaulsky  4th place
Uche Akoma  5th place

Lamar HS tournament results January 27-28
1st place Overall Sweepstakes
Clark Johnson/Jinchen Zou  1st place
Allayah Frazier/Telavive Taye  2nd place
Laurence Zhang/Qiaochu Zhang  3rd place
Rainer Go/Benjamin Zhang  3rd place
Maegan Applebaum/Arjun Das  quarterfinals
Terry Huang/Robert Rexford  quarterfinals

Maya Shaulsky  2nd place

Nathan Hiransomboon  2nd place
Salem Hadgu  6th place

Mayde Creek HS tournament results January 20-21
Uche Akoma  3rd place

Pasadena Memorial HS tournament results January 20-21
Allayah Frazier/Telavive Taye  3rd place
Aaron Birenbaum/Akash Shukla  3rd place

Bellaire High School Top 16 in the World

Bellaire High School debaters Bo Kim, Jin Kim, Gina
Toumajian, Elizabeth Zhang, Jennifer Knesbach,
Michelle Knesbach, and Zachary Birenbaum qualified
for the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2012 International
Public Policy Forum Debates sponsored by the Bickel
and Brewer Law Firm and the Bickel and Brewer

Hundreds of schools from across the globe submitted research papers on the topic Resolved:
Human missions should be a significant focus of space exploration.  More than 340 high schools -
representing 42 states and 36 foreign countries - registered for the 2010-2011 competition.  Thirty
two papers were chosen to advance to the elimination round competition.  Bellaire advanced against
A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts from Florida.  Bellaire again advanced on a 3-0 decision and is
now debating Brooklyn Technical High School from New York.  Eight schools will advance to public
presentation rounds at New York University in New York City.  If Bellaire advances to the next level
they debate Kaelakehe High School from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii or Team Czech Republic from the
Czech Republic.  Several countries and two other Texas schools are still in competition.

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2012 competition bracket.

Winston Churchill HS tournament results January 13-14
Kang Di Li  8th place

UIL CX District tournament results January 11
Xin xin Xu/Alexander Chu  1st place
Andrew Alter/Zachary Birenbaum  2nd place

Westfield HS tournament results January 6-7
Seth Uzman/Grant Warren  3rd place
Andrew Alter/Zachary Birenbaum  3rd place

Kang Di Li  4th place

Elaine Shen/Manlin Yao  octofinals

News & Stories from June, 2011 - December, 2011
Bellaire Debate
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.

Marina Finley  2nd place
Eric Bailey  4th place
Raveena Chhibber  6th place
Martin Williams  7th place
Kevin Xie  8th place

Julian Advani  quarterfinals

David Davis  2nd place

Julian Advani double octofinals

Cari Bonilla/Michelle Huang  3rd place
Xinghua Dou/Nathan Hiransomboon dbl octos
Elaine Shen/Manlin Yao double octofinals

Xinghua Dou/Rachel Lee  2nd place

Kevin Gwen/Nathan Hiransomboon quarters

David Davis  1st place
Katherine Fang  2nd place
Annie Shen  4th place
Jenny Chen  5th place
Ziyu Wang  7th place

Kang Di Li  double octofinals