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NSDA National Tournament results June 13-17 Salt Lake City, Utah
NSDA School of Honor in Debate

Danny Li  semifinals

World Schools
South Texas 6th place
George Zhang & Maya Waterland
Maya Waterland 14th place speaker

International Public Policy Forum April 1-2 New York City, NY
The Bellaire High School debate team finished in the top 8 teams in the world in the International
Public Policy Forum competition sponsored by Bickel and Brewer.  This is the second year in a row
that Bellaire has finished in the top 8 teams in the world.  The competition gives high school students
from around the world the opportunity to engage in written and oral debates on issues of public
The Bellaire debate team, made up of four seniors; Liana Wang, Christina Tan, Tomas Arnago and
Antony Yun, is one of two Texas teams to advance to the "Elite 8" round of the competition.  The
team defeated hundreds of other high school debate teams and earned an all expenses paid trip to
compete against other debaters from across the country.
Bellaire won the compeittion in 2008 and 2009.  The competition started with teams from 28 states
and 29 countries.  
Debaters affirmed and negated the topic Resolved: Genetically modified organisms are essential to
global food security.  Students submitted 2,800 word essays, which were reviewed by a committee
to determine the top 64 teams.  Debaters submitted their first qualifying round of essays in October,
and throughout the academic year, they continued to advance in the competition with written debates
revolving around the issue.
"We are incredibly proud of these students to have made it this far.  This is a year long competition
with a very difficult topic to debate," said HISD Interim Superintendent Ken Huewitt.  "They've
earned their spot in the 'Elite 8" and I am extremely confident that they will do well."

TFA State results March 10-12
Eric Shi  6th place

Domestic Extemp
Danny Li  4th place

Foreign Extemp
Amber Liu  quarterfinals

Sherley Wang  semifinals

Danny Li  semifinals

South Texas NSDA District tournament results February 25-27
Matthew Baker 3rd place
Amber Liu  5th place

Danny Li  National Qualifier
Maya Waterland 4th place
George Zhang 7th place

Non Qual House 1
Edward Cen 1st place
Patrick Han  3rd place
Alice Qiu 5th place
Alexander Kontoyiannis 6th place

Non Qual House 2
Robert Brown  1st place
Katherine Faris 2nd place
Jordan Hinrichs 3rd place
Timothy Wei 4th place
Panos Kontoyiannis  6th place
Sean Lau  8th place

Non Qual House 3
Ashley Clarke  1st place
Aileen Hu  3rd place
Andrew Li 4th place
Eric Shi  6th place
Eduardo Moeller 7th place

Non Qual House 4
Rebecca Parsons 1st place
Pranutha Punukula 2nd place
James Wei 5th place
Jesse Ji  7th place
Phillip Lu 8th place

Seven Lakes HS tournament results February 12-13
Benjamin Schwierking  octofinals

Ally Sun 2nd place CX speaker award
Sherley Wang 3rd place PF speaker award

Texas City HS tournament results February 5-6
Jasmine Huang  4th place
Sameeha Shariff  7th place

Lamar HS tournament results January 29-30
Dramatic Interp
Eric Shi  5th place

Humorous Interp
Eric Shi 2nd place

Benjamin Schwierking  double octofinals

Clear Creek HS tournament results January 22-23
Domestic Extemp
Danny Li  3rd place

Foreign Extemp
Jason Lan  5th place

Humorous Interp
Eric Shi  4th place

Evan Finley  6th place
Matthew Tabibzadaegan  7th place
Sameeha Shariff  8th place

News & Stories from July 2015-December 2015
Bellaire Debate
Member of the
National Forensic
League since 1955.

Public Forum
Suneal Vemuri/Robert Brown round 8
Amber Liu/Allan Ngo round 8

Public Forum
Robert Brown/Suneal Vemuri quarterfinals
Amber Liu/Allan Ngo octofinals
Maya Waterland/George Zhang octofinals

Suneal Vemuri State Champion Speaker PF

Public Forum
Amber Liu/Allan Ngo National Qualifier
Suneal Vemuri/Robert Brown National Qualifier
Alissa Kono/Sherley Wang  6th place

CX Debate
Ajay Singh/Jason Kraynak National Qualifier
Kevin Guo/Gabriel Wu 3rd place
Rafael Trevino/Siddharth Eric 8th place
Ally Sun/Julia Zheng 9th place

Domestic Extemp
Jacob Tate  National Qualifier
Danny Li  6th place

Foreign Extemp
George Zhang  4th place
Amber Liu 5th place

Ashley Clarke  National Qualifier
Melanie Che  3rd place