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How to Sign Up for a Tournament

Tournament sign up can be summarized in one sentence  A commitment is a commitment is a commitment.
Signing up for a tournament is like entering into a contract that effects many different people.  The Bellaire coaches
are expecting you to keep your word so that partner assignments, bus reservations, faculty &  parent bulletin
updates, and hotel reservations (needed for overnight tournaments) can be made.  The host school is expecting you to
keep your word so they can provide enough rooms and judges for everyone to compete.  It cannot be
overemphasized how important the tournament sign up process is.

The 2016-2017 Bellaire Tournament Schedule lists the potential tournaments as well as the deadline for sign up.  
One of the things we expect all Bellaire Debaters to learn is how to organize your schedule.  Many of you have other
activities, sports or jobs that require your presence on weekends.  We urge you to gather those schedules and consult
them prior to signing up for a debate tournament.  
If you cannot attend the entire tournament...don't sign up for
If you have no conflicts on a Friday and Saturday of a given week we encourage you to experience the fun and
learning that takes place at tournaments.  You will need to sign up for tournaments several weeks in advance of the
tournament.  Organization on your part is a must.

Mrs. Jump, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Stubbs will promote upcoming tournaments in advance of the sign up deadline.  
You should consult your parents, and other schedules to see if that given weekend is available for debate travel.  
Students may sign up for tournaments prior to the announced deadline.  Students may also withdraw from a
tournament prior to the sign up deadline with no penalty involved. Once the sign up deadline for a given tournament
has passed, we consider your sign up to be a commitment to attend that tournament.  Withdrawing from a
tournament after the sign up deadline should be done only in the most extreme of situations.  
Failure to consult
parents, work supervisors, athletic coaches, club sponsors, or schedule conflicts that were created after the
tournament sign up are
NOT acceptable excuses for withdrawing from a debate tournament. A student may
withdraw from a tournament if they are experiencing major illness (not just a headache or stomach ache), a family
death or family emergency.  It is the responsibility of the parent and student to contact the coaches as soon as it
becomes apparent that a debater cannot fulfill his/her tournament obligations.  Calls can be directed anytime to
281-704-7765.  Failure to contact the coaches prior to the start of the tournament can impact the students ability to
attend future tournaments.  Communication is the key.

The coaches will decide issues such as partner pairings and which entries will attend a given tournament based on
which tournament provides the best competitive and educational experience for that student.  Coaches will not alter
tournament assignment to put friends together at the same location.